🎵♫ Echo de la Luna - Singirellas Song ♫🎵

  • A wonderful song - live singing at a christmas concert in Hof in Bavaria by my sister - Singirella

    Here is the song: Only klick the link, sit back, listen, enjoy, and beautiful swaying...

    Echo de la luna.mp3



    "Wenn ein Mensch deine Seele berührt, wird dein Verstand ihn niemals löschen können"

  • Beautiful, the song of your sister...it has something epic.... I've now heard the song five times and I'm sure I will hear it more often. Really a very, very, great asset to our forum. Wish we had more of it. You can open a separate thread for the music of your sister in this music forum. The behaves of all of us. And a lot of people also hear it, good music for good people ... so bring us more if you like ... it's great ..

    Lots of greets :musik:

  • Hey, little sister....now it's here the singing .....

    and you Duke, don't hear it too often, otherwise you will hear all mistakes .....it was a nice christmas concert, I am satisfied, despite a small glitch, have fun listening, I hope you like it, greets to all of you

    ...tue, was du gerne machst, weil du nur ein Leben hast...

  • Yeah...I like it and hear it always again...and the mistakes...they are part of it...never mind...that makes the music to something special...please more of your great music....

  • Hello dear Duke and dear Dana! :hut: Thanks for your nice comments, I am glad that you gefällt. Yes...and with the voice of an angel :engel: it may be too highly praised.....but anyway I am happy and if you have a nor to the "life returns".... :zwink: ....is even more beautiful...love and kisses. :musik::wink:

    ...tue, was du gerne machst, weil du nur ein Leben hast...

  • Super song by you, Singirella, which your sister posted exactly 2 years ago in the music forum for you.
    Like to hear the song often. You havethe skills to sing it.
    Cool. :rose:
    Wanna hear more songs of you. Perhaps you have videos in Youtube?
    Please post the yt link.

  • The performance of the song "Echo de la luna" :musik: by Singirella is just now at Christmas time a highlight.
    It pleases me with no end. :)
    Simply clicking to listen to the song "Echo de la luna" on the link first thread and "open" to hear it. It also can be stored and to hear it later.
    Shakini uploaded this song for her sister as an attachment in the opening theme. There, the downloads are counted and there is a little more insight about how many people like to hear the music and be happy.


  • Great stuff this song by @Singirella. Just made the download in the first posting and heard this awesome song "Echo de la luna".
    Usually I don't like this kind of choir music, but this song I love sooo much. :musik:
    Thanks for free music publishing. More people should present their own music stuff. The more free songs people hear, the more music will be purchased.
    Where is my radio? :radio:

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  • Hi. I like it very much, be the first. Would love to hear more from Singirella. Maybe also viewing if there are videos.

    Making another promotion. There should be more of this.


    Grüße :heart: