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    Hiding phone number when calling a phone is made easy

    One-time suppression of mobile phone number

    This menu item is independent of the operating system of the smartphone!

    Simply enter the key combination #31#, immediately afterwards the phone number of the person you would like to call. Now the called participant only sees "Unknown" or "Anonymous" in his display.

    Perpetual suppression of mobile phone number on iPhone

    • Select “Settings“ from the Home screen
    • Click the menu item "Phone"
    • Turn off "Send my Caller ID"

    Perpetual suppression of mobile number on Android

    • Open phone app
    • Select “Settings“ (menu icon with 3 points arranged among each other)
    • Click the "Calls" menu item
    • Click “Additional Settings“
    • Turn off “Caller ID“

    Rapid perpetual suppression of mobile phone number with GSM code (character combination)

    Activation of permanent number suppression

    Enter the following code in the Phone app key pad *31# and then click the "Dial" button.

    Deactivation of permanent number suppression

    Enter the following code in the Phone app key pad #31# and then click the "Dial" button.

    Have fun suppressing your mobile phone number

    Discussion of article The George Harrison day:

    We honor George Harrison for his great music, which still inspires the whole world, enchants people and makes them happy. As co-founder, componist and lead guitarist of the band "The Beatles" he celebrated unprecedented successes in beat, rock, and pop music.
    Sir George Harrison [born 18 February 1943, Liverpool; † 29 November 2001, Beverly Hills].

    Discussion of article The Paul McCartney day:

    We honor Paul McCartney for his great music, which still inspires the whole world, enchants people and makes them happy. As co-founder, co-lead vocalist and bassist of the band "The Beatles" he celebrated unprecedented successes in beat, rock, and pop music.
    Sir James Paul McCartney [18 June 1942].

    Discussion of article The John Lennon day:

    We honor John Lennon for his great music, which still inspires the whole world, enchants people and makes them happy. As co-founder, singer and guitarist of the band "The Beatles" he celebrated unprecedented successes in beat, rock, and pop music.
    John Winston Lennon [9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980].

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    Spanish language files

    • WoltLab Suite Forum 5.2 / 3.1 Spanish/Portuguese/Polish


    • WoltLab Suite Forum 5.2 / 3.1 Spanish/Portuguese/Polish Complete

      Menus, boxes, pages, cronjobs are also available in Spanish/Portuguese/Polish.
      The language variables of the respective app can only be replaced manually with Copy/Paste.
    • WoltLab Suite Forum 5.2 / 3.1 Spanish/Portuguese/Polish Installation

      This app will be installed with a mouse click if the Core already exists.
      “Page titles”, “Menu titles”, “Box titles” and “Cron job titles” are automatically installed in Spanish/Portuguese/Polish.
    • WoltLab Suite Forum 5.2 / 3.1 Spanish/Portuguese/Polish Installation + Core

      Forum + Core Installation Service - 2 APPS in 1 package -
      Interface language and content language can be set as default from the beginning and system-wide in Spanish/Portuguese/Polish. This means that the language can be changed immediately and at any time in productive operation.


    Das Spandauer Brauhaus in Berlin feiert Oktoberfest 2014 mit der Live-Band "Die wilden Herzbuben".

    Die lustige Band "Die Wilden Herzbuben" aus Berlin machen tolle Musik zum Feiern, Tanzen, und Mitklatschen. Es war tolle Stimmung an dem Samstagabend im Brauhaus von Berlin-Spandau.

    Das lustige am Film ist, wir waren zu viert dort, und zwei von uns sind aus Bayern.


    A song - as if from a fairy tale - from days long gone - apparently thousands of years old.

    Three men in Turkey, Istanbul, the city on the Bosporus in a dark and gloomy setting. They elicit incomprehensible sounds from their instruments, which instantly carry listeners and viewers into an oriental dream world. A world of 1001 nights. Laue summer nights, palm trees, dunes on the beach, the sound of the waves, a salty breeze with a gentle scent of the sea blows through and lets us leave the body, ascend into the starry sky, in the moonlight we glide with the waves into eternity.

    The right-wing singer and musician is blind and strikes every string of his santur with his little mallets and magical security, eliciting sounds from angels. The main singer to the middle played the classic oud (Ud) with the same passionate devotion. The musician on the left has a perfect feel for the hit at the right time on his hand drum. He doesn't seem to come from Turkey, which is not important for the complete work. So all three musicians are connected through an invisible band of their voices, their music, and us as their beautiful sounds listening audience. The wonderful music is attracting everyone.

    So may time stand still, with it all sorrow, all greed, all unrest, all the evil of this world polarized in these moments in an all-encompassing devotion, transformed to love, passion and pure human being.

    God bless these musicians....

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    In the north-west of the lower part of the Bristol Channel, vertically opposite Cardiff, between Woolacombe and Saunton - called North Devon - are the best surf spots of the UK.

    Here you will find the reefbreaks, which are the waves breaking over the rocks and mostly the beachbreaks, the waves breaking on the beach.

    However, the approach is sometimes a little cumbersome, you need a dirty road on unpaved slopes.

    In the rural idyll, there is a good infrastructure, but it is widely spread. Take drinks and food with you.

    In addition, you should only surf, if you are really able to surf. Not for nothing are here some waves of suicides and local surfers have scars that come from the reefs.

    Just go to one of the many surferbars in Woolacombe, Croyde Bay or Saunton, look for the local people and listen to the good advice. In the Croyde Surf Academy and the surfers The Red Barn in Woolacombe, the latest surf reports are also available every morning - information on the wind conditions and tips for the best surfing spot of the day.

    If you are a newcomer or you've been discovered the sport for yourself or want to discover surfing, a course in one of the countless surf schools is absolutly essential.

    With an experienced instructor on your side you'll learn much faster than alone - of course the professionals know the best surf spots and the dangers too.

    There are daily courses in surfing schools - perhaps to refresh - and also multi-day courses - called surfcamps. In these camps you get the necessary equipment - you're also able to borrow boards - board and logging is also provided.

    Requirements for surfing are always certain grade of fitness. Surfing means 70% paddling, which strains on the arms.

    And of course you should be able to swim excellently.

    Do not let it frighten you - it's certainly not as easy as by book, for sure you will be more in water than on the board, but it's worth doing.

    It's a unique feeling when you get it - fantastic!

    The island is a groyne or wave-breaker - on the western side the roaring waves of the Atlantic and on the other side, namely the north coast, the calm lake of the Bristol Channel.

    In Croyde are surf spots for everyone, for beginners to perfect professionals. The wind direction is very important.

    The wind is blowing in the west onshore to sideshore - on the beach or diagonally to the beach, on the north coast sideshore along the bay and in the southwest are offshore winds - from the land to the sea.

    On the south coast are gusts from different directions.

    Croyde Beach Surf Report - Surf Forecast

    Cosirex says a "Thank you" to all mothers of the world

    You are the best!

    A big kiss for the tireless work, education and welfare of children and families.

    We love you :kiss:

    Best regards

    Your bunch of flowers love unknown mother Edelrose - Augusta Luise

    This Buddhist temple is a treasure of people's love, love and an oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
    One feels abducted into another world in the material things do not matter, but only the inspiration of body, mind and soul.
    Great photos and videos of the Pagoda in Berlin-Spandau.

    Youtube absurdity - Google's way with Youtube
    So crazy is Youtube. Any amateur of wannabe internet policeman or (in-) official employee Youtube has punished only the fact that in my Mini Fun documentation a Rewe discounter can be seen.
    How petty bourgeois and ridiculous is that?
    Just because the supermarket in Camera Gone pivot restricts this video will no longer be monetized.
    I really laughed when I read the information. yet Thought "Nee" that was a mistake, an error, which can not and must not be.
    Will not say anything against Youtube, which are so awesome fit in recent times and good at it to determine real and genuine copyright violations, like music recognition and much more.
    But in this case, is the fact strictly contradicted all logic. Product placement is also any because I do not have contracts with Rewe relating to advertising.
    It would have 50% of all Youtube videos from Youtube itself be deleted because in most videos somewhere a bottle of mineral water from any manufacturer, a pack of cigarettes is in the corner, or millions of transactions in the background of street shots are seen.
    These, however, are punished not by Youtube and Google.
    So I draw the conclusion from this that it was not a staff of Youtube, has at least none of the traded and "sober" with clear head, but more a competitor of Rewe, who or which has reported the video on Youtube.
    Someone has the problems with Rewe reported the video as a prohibited product placement and unfortunately it seems to Youtube did not verify deeper.
    Maybe the clerk or the robotic programs had a short Ausfalll, a bad day, that's why they ticked grade in Scheme X and dips.
    Yes, yes, all mistakes happen. This time, even at Dukemaster05's video about the sunglasses polarizing filter on the grounds of the former prison of Rudolf Hess ...

    To say thanks for the limitless great music of Dan Popek I took the photo from his album and spiced it up a bit by webdesign.

    Dear @Dan Popek, the photo belongs of course to you and you can get it in original size from the topic above, store, and load as you wish in your photo album to replace the old.

    This is all your decision. Hope you like it a little.

    Many greetings and continued success in your concerts and compositions.


    I would gladly, wanted to buy me the DJI Phantom 4, but I would have to lend the money.
    Thought someone donates times for the forum or good projects.
    Have even considered to go kickstarter or Indiegogo and simply try to finance themselves.
    Everything goes badly if a good drones camera is missing, since even the greatest creativity, experience, competence, and talent does not help to pull through a start-up.
    Have already brought so much footage from Berlin, but for that is still missing the ultimately necessary equipment.
    I have 1000 euros, but I am missing 1700 to work really professionally and fast.
    Drone, an average DSLR camera with 4K video resolution is enough, a good tripod - ready.
    If my professional Super 8 / 16mm film camera tripod had never been allowed to sell.
    The tripod was from Beaulieu, medium, which is just right, with a water scale for calibration, the tripod head with a thousandths of a millimeter precise mechanics was the absolute highlight.
    Maybe the dream come true and it comes unexpectedly a business angel and finances the equipment.
    Will not even give it, but pay it back immediately in installments and still the investor 33% per cent of the net profit.