Let it Go - Disney's Frozen Land - The Land Of Ice

  • In this clip from Disney's fairy tale "frozen land" is Elsa, one of the heroines of the film. She has revealed her secret, magical powers, snow and ice can control and unleashes its magic by creating a breathtaking ice palace.
    It's beautiful, unusual gift for the holiday season.

  • Hi sunny85 can only agree with you still.
    Disney is at its most beautiful and best when the film sends you and takes you into the realm of fantasy, in other worlds, if you mitfühlst with the cartoon characters, they come to life, so to speak. If you almost do not notice that it is an animated film, the animators have done a good job. <3 
    "Let it go. Frozen Land" is made really great and one of the best films of Walt Disney. :thumbsup:

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