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    Bacteria, toxins, glass shards, metal parts in food – Breaking cupboards

    Where can I find out if the freshly purchased foods are contaminated or have other quirks?

    Can I confidently place my pieces of furniture without fear that the drawer might fall on my foot?

    Nickel in bracelets, dangerous colors in garments and many other dangers to body, life and health. Paralysis and more due to tättoowier colors.

    Here you will find the help to everything that is dangerous and better not to be bought and consumed.

    Thanks to Produktrü, as well as to all manufacturers for their transparency and their will to "Make good things still better"!

    Food Alerts

    Product recalls and safety notices

    Product recall (Germany)

    Einfühlsame Töne für anschmiegsame Stunden. Unseren Großeltern gefiel das bestimmt gut.

    Die waren alle im Wirtschaftswunderland mit Neuaufbauen beschäftigt. Da war Deutschland noch nicht geteilt.

    Vielleicht war damals die Welt noch in Ordnung.

    Das italienische Eis kostete 10 Pfennige die Kugel. Zigaretten nur 3 Groschen mehr.

    Buy Apple products means to buy quality at high prices. Are Apple prices justified? Hm, yooo...
    Clever people from the worldwide developer community hulls grin nose .. sure is one: Apple sold a bit overpriced. Apple has almost a monopoly. Apple could already afford to set its prices to the reality.
    Because, as says the good proverb: Who is accessing high for the stars, will fall deep in the end ...
    The future will show was really endure, think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would be here an opinion:
    "Innovate for all people, not just for the rich, but make a great, technological solutions for the whole world available."
    These were the former principles for the Internet giants.
    On the horizon is waiting a gigantic dark cloud on it to plunge the world into a new evil that is called as: The great Internet bubble will burst. We can not live in a dream world of illusion. Food growing in the field and must be gerntet, food and food is no button or Avatar to the one times can click precisely, so that the lunch is on the table. Virtual reality, 3D glasses, Clouds and apps provide no work and no pay, except for a handful of developers, designers, advertisers and sales employees.
    The value of the Internet is a bubble that has no real real value.
    There are only three real values on Planet Earth that there are called "Worker Immobbilien and raw materials".
    Everything we have today in the world, a huge poverty gap is from rich to the poor. Only on this fact rests the power and the wealth of the 1st world countries, also called developed countries.
    The big Internet bubble is about to burst before it, and the whole world, probably and hopefully shoot even humanity itself into the abyss. If the people of this horror scenario that will certainly occur survive, then people will learn to live again with Stone Age clubs. All progress will be like never dagesen.
    The game start anew.
    What people learn from it: Of course not. Power and greed have won anyway at the peak of human history again, a paradisisches life, the handle to the life on other stars, the colonization of the universe will remain an eternal dream.
    It was so close, and yet so far.

    In special moments I read your poem always happy, Helmut. It refreshes the soul and the spirit of good, positive, healthy energy. It reinforces just so beautiful. Wish you God's blessing.

    We only want to join chatrooms!
    From today we shout it out: hip chat is in the air, hardcore chat in Cosirex chat for all.
    Finally, we can use a thousand chat rooms and get crazy by chatting online.
    Who is this? Who's going in chat, in chat, in chat,... lol
    The new chat software of Tim's Bastelstube is made pretty cool.
    Cosirex members can be invited directly into chatrooms, no matter where they're hanging around in the Community.
    The desktop alert is for the direct notification if someone writes in chat, or a private message has been sent in the chat (if someone whispers to you),
    or you will be mentioned by username.
    Now you can share pictures, music, videos, files also in the chatrooms and private messages in chat (PMs/PNs), everything simply by mouse click.
    Feel free to create your own chatrooms, temporary chatrooms, which exist as long as the last chatter leaves the room.
    Can even be that one private with password can open for selected users the premises. That would have to ask Cosimo.
    And many more cool features.

    The sport is not a sport, that's murder. For me definitely dangerous. While we like to watch it, Tokarev, but I would still advise against any of them. Funny that the legendary stratosphere jump of Felix Baumgartner, although he came briefly into a tailspin and threatened to crash, has taken place in a more controlled and secure environment in the end. This is safer as wingsuit flyer, like you write they are pressed by unpredictable winds against the rocks in the mountains and come into ventilation holes. This one has no chance and is lost. No sport but it's pure game with death.
    Viele Grüße :vogel:

    Time for something new - Time to chill-out - Time for amazing music and music videos with amazing animations.
    Just found on over an unknown female facebook user. ASP with "Me" in a remix version.
    The cool sound remembers me on the unforgetable era of Depeche Mode in den 1980's, was so great...
    Eyes open - Ears open - Let's start

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    Super song by Amy Winehouse. Not one of the best songs ever. She was cool. Too bad about it.
    Today was even an obituary in the newspaper by an unknown person, one small but one fine.
    Must have been great fans of her.
    Greets Lotta

    Tolles inspirierendes Lied Levanto mis manos.

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