Friendship with God

  • I have a friend,
    who always stand by me!
    Hard as a rock, strong as a tree,
    from wherever the wind might be blowing.

    He is with me at any time,
    accompanied me through life.
    He demands nothing for his friendship,
    could be anything more beautiful?

    Whatever comes in my time,
    whatever it is.
    My friend is with me, holding me,
    because it is Jesus Christ!

    © Helmut Becker

  • Gorgeous.
    This friend is also mine,
    because he is like no one else.
    He is there when all else fails,
    when people bite like wild animals.
    Truly, he is the solid rock,
    so we call the best friend,
    and if we had just a hint of a clue,
    we live better in past and today too.

  • These messages give strength when one just goes so like me. Sometimes I do not know why God does something and does my dog just launched into the sky three days ago. But I trust him, even if pain is deep.

  • Hello Media Luna welcome here in the Forum. It is very sad and I am very sorry that you lost your dog. This is very sad and the pain runs deep when your own dog dies, everything is suddenly nothing is as it was.
    Console yourself with the thought that your dog now in Rainbow Country is going well and that your dog had a beautiful life!
    I have also lost my beloved bitch, she died because she was probably poisoned. It was very bad for us. We have lost with her death not just an animal but a relative. The deep bond between man and dog and grief over the loss can usually understand but only one who has even an animal. Therefore, I can well understand how you feeling now.
    Maybe you buy a new dog if the willingness is there, the help with the grief better to cope. I wish you all the best.

  • In special moments I read your poem always happy, Helmut. It refreshes the soul and the spirit of good, positive, healthy energy. It reinforces just so beautiful. Wish you God's blessing.

    Lasse nie zu, dass du jemand begegnest, der nicht nach der Begegnung mit dir glücklicher ist.
    Mutter Teresa