Berlin - Teufelsberg - Field Station - Horror Radar Station

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    The ruin of horror is the Field Station at Teufelsberg in Grunewald of Berlin
    Once the Teufelsberg, a gigantic hill of ruins of destroyed houses and industrial facilities of Second World War. It is the highest elevation of Berlin with 120.1 meters over NHN (normal height zero, after normal altitudes above sea level), only the Berlin TV tower surpasses the Field Station on Teufelsberg.
    The high-security area of the Teufelsberg Field Station served as a listening station for the radio station in the Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War. It was also used for the flight control of the airborne corridors through the GDR to West Germany.
    Until the withdrawal of most US-American forces from Germany and the related task of the Fieldstation Teufelsberg it was also used by the NSA (National Security Agency).
    Today, the gutted ruin serves as a tourist attraction and as a location for bizarre film projects and production of also crazy sound recordings, mainly from the horror category.
    Even during the recording of the video shown here incredibly gloomy sound recordings were made in this horror backdrop, perhaps also for another bizarre horror video. From the matter of fact Teufelsberg is the perfect place to make horror projects.
    These mysterious cries, as you can hear in this video, as from the hereafter, made the already horrifying place become a terrible ruin of ghosts.
    Filmed by hand with Apple iPhone 5s.

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  • Great video about the Berlin horror station on the Teufelsberg. I've also seen them.
    Berlin - Grunewald - Teufelsberg - Horror station
    On the Teufelsberg in the Grunewald in Berlin is a former US military flight monitoring and listening station from the Cold War.
    It is a legendary and mysterious place where the screams can be heard, the wind, strange people, and even animals have turned the towers into ruins, reminiscent of a lofty castle from the Middle Ages.
    There are bizarre videos shot and sound, as well as recorded music.
    The hall and the echo in the highest tower are so incredible and impressive that many musicians are magically attracted by it.
    It's the second highest tower of Berlin, after the television tower.

    „Viel Eifer, viel Irrtum; weniger Eifer, weniger Irrtum; kein Eifer, kein Irrtum.“
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  • Realized with simple means and tools. You cutted the video only with Windows Movie Maker. Manchmal ist einfaches schöner als alle mega Effekte vom teuren Adobe Effects und Premiere Pro.
    Adobe hat immernoch nicht begriffen Rabatt-Lösungen für kreative Künstler mit schwachem Einkommen anzubieten, wie für Rentner und Menschen mit Handicaps.
    Warum geht Adobe nicht den menschlichen Weg nicht nur für Schüler, Studenten, Lehrer und Dozenten, sondern auch für einkommensschwache Menschen ein Abo an?
    Das wäre ein weltbewegender Schritt eines Global Player.

    ~ De finibus bonorum et malorum ~
    ~ Maßstäbe des Guten und Bösen ~

  • The recordings are really well done. -)
    You Berlin-Freak lol
    next time you go to Berlin meet Schönewald! There are old hangars und facilities of a military base.

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    I would gladly, wanted to buy me the DJI Phantom 4, but I would have to lend the money.
    Thought someone donates times for the forum or good projects.
    Have even considered to go kickstarter or Indiegogo and simply try to finance themselves.
    Everything goes badly if a good drones camera is missing, since even the greatest creativity, experience, competence, and talent does not help to pull through a start-up.
    Have already brought so much footage from Berlin, but for that is still missing the ultimately necessary equipment.
    I have 1000 euros, but I am missing 1700 to work really professionally and fast.
    Drone, an average DSLR camera with 4K video resolution is enough, a good tripod - ready.
    If my professional Super 8 / 16mm film camera tripod had never been allowed to sell.
    The tripod was from Beaulieu, medium, which is just right, with a water scale for calibration, the tripod head with a thousandths of a millimeter precise mechanics was the absolute highlight.
    Maybe the dream come true and it comes unexpectedly a business angel and finances the equipment.
    Will not even give it, but pay it back immediately in installments and still the investor 33% per cent of the net profit.