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    Help against cancer - Prevention of disease through good food - Healing through nature
    Polyphenols are true health bombs
    They are found in the seeds of raspberries, pomegranates
    Meaning: Consume many fresh, unprocessed raspberries and pomegranates, and you have an adequate cancer prevention in your pocket.

    My preference applies only Apple. Since the days of the Apple I use the Macintosh. He has always accompanied me both professionally and personally excellent and competent. I am aware of other manufacturers such as Windows, although I prefer Apple.

    The file allocation is determined in Windows Explorer as follows:

    Right-click on a file, then in the contextual menu "Open with" with left mouse button select the respective program with which you want to open the
    file type. The default program, however, is set with the checkbox "Always open file type with this program".

    Thus, it may happen that an error has occurred in the file allocation with a standard program. This error can be corrected with this guide to delete a wrong file assignment.

    • Open execution-box by right-click on windows symbol or by "WINDOWS BUTTON + R".
    • Type "CMD" in the following execution window and click "ENTER" button.
    • DOS-input prompt opens.
    • In the window with black background type "assoc. file-type=" (without quotation marks, replace file-type with e.g. exe or jpg).
    • Finished :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    The author assumes no liability or responsibility for errors in the use of this help guide.

    Use at your own risk.

    Nevertheless much fun and success in the execution.

    It always works!

    Unless there is a variety of misconfigurations in the operating system...

    Yes, just a moment Mr Glass if you like to have it quite brutal, press your thing in the signature, it's also good, but right behind your nickname padding. So you have again to rename the profile - account - management
    And / or additional change your individual user title.
    Have to go somewhere, you know, near the profile directly on the birthday, or under the big box 'About Me'.
    For this you have to go to the profile, edit, or shit like everywhere.
    Under Personal Information - Individual users title
    Press your fucking symbols in the sky...hahaha...Resident evil

    Incredible, you can even see the injection syringe next to my user name in the user control panel, where you can edit the settings and profile.
    And I only copied the syringe behind my nickname after a space.
    Clicked in the menu on user account, then on management.
    The disadvantage and the unbelievable thing for me, how sophisticated web technique is, to login back in community and forum you have to enter the graphic now.
    By the way the great thing is, you can either sign in by nickname with graphic or easily by your email address.
    As long as I keep the ascii graphic I have to sign in only by my email address.
    No problem, it works fine

    Today I bring the Santa Claus. It is not the 5. December, it's the 12-06-2014, around 7 years later comes the first answer. But better late as never, hehehe.
    What is my present today? Perhaps the info, that the link is broken, because Heraldsun has changed its software and cleaned the server. So it is.
    Though my present is the fascinating test with the correct link.

    Test which half of the brain you use
    The test is rather easy:

    • If the woman turns clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa..
    • Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

    My own fascinating result: Like most of us I see the dancer dancing anti-clockwise.
    But the unbelievable thing is, when I close my eyes for a moment and again open them, then she is dancing clockwise for around two seconds. It seems that the picture stops for a short time, like youtube videos are bucking. Es kommt mir dabei vor als stockt das Bild, ähnlich wie wenn bei Youtube die Filme kurz ruckeln. For sure you know this behavior if internet connection is bad or something else. But in this case it's the brain. Gives me an oppressive feeling to no more have my senses. Yes, this is psychology at its best. Auto-suggestion...fuck...

    Great video about the Berlin horror station on the Teufelsberg. I've also seen them.
    Berlin - Grunewald - Teufelsberg - Horror station
    On the Teufelsberg in the Grunewald in Berlin is a former US military flight monitoring and listening station from the Cold War.
    It is a legendary and mysterious place where the screams can be heard, the wind, strange people, and even animals have turned the towers into ruins, reminiscent of a lofty castle from the Middle Ages.
    There are bizarre videos shot and sound, as well as recorded music.
    The hall and the echo in the highest tower are so incredible and impressive that many musicians are magically attracted by it.
    It's the second highest tower of Berlin, after the television tower.