Söhne Mannheims with Xavier Naidoo - Und wenn ein Lied

  • What a wonderful, sad, deep song !!!
    Pure emotion !!! Fantastic !!! I love this song. Such a beautiful live version, it was on the rainy evening almost 22,000 people sang along as the ... goosebumps !!! This is music .... really great .... A Dream
    Söhne Mannheims Live with "Und wenn ein Lied", Live on Waldbühne Berlin. The concert was on the 10. Juli 2009

  • What a beautiful song, I'm sooooooo good. I would have heard the song "This Way", but Youtube is not enabled, such a shame, I like to hear the songs of Xavier Naidoo, a great musician

  • So hey ... lol ... the video is almost even paranormal, dana, laughing, haha ... but sigh really amazing...I liked it from the beginning...great..

  • I'm a big fan of Xavier Naidoo and Söhne Mannheims. I used to even out a blog about Xavier Naidoo and it was more a site. Have created the site at that time. Can I recommend it to anyone who was planning also to create a website. My hand I have still, it fails me the time to maintain it. Therefore I don't want to show you this. :)