Burgers are my favorite food - Burgers and Fast Food Restaurants

  • I love burgers ;) In the USA you will get the best, but here in Germany the best is Burger King and for home a burger from Rustlers ;)

  • yes I often eat them, but mostly a package rustlers for example! but normally I prefer Burger King and when I am in the US this year, I'll test burger shops as much as possible, for example, the Five Guys Burger Restaurant where Obama likes to go! but that's why I do not go there, I'll go there because Five Guys is just great and is nominated for several times, so it makes me curious!
    And Wendys is anyway top I know, and you can also put meat on your burger as much as you like!
    Service is in USA what the most missing here, the customer is king and each restaurant makes its offerings there and tries to attract customers!
    or hotdogs here :) also fine :) I've eaten delicious one in Washinghton DC before the Aviation Museum or in New York

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    I see it like the same. Burger King breaks all other fast-food restaurants in quality and taste. Who likes all chicken variations and loves chicken meat in form of burgers, I can only recommend "Kentucky Fried Chicken".
    At Media Markt in Bischofsheim, autobahn A60, exit "Bauscheim", 60 meters away from the autobahn exit, and could be seen directly from the autobahn, there has opened a KFC last year. On the other side of the street Mc Donalds is located, and only 600 meters away you can find a Burger King.
    The workers are multicultural like everything in Rüsselsheim, mainly Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, and African workers in all fast food restaurants.
    Rüsselsheim is well-known through the headquarters of the Adam Opel AG , the small-large motown city Rüsselsheim has now two McDonalds, a Burger King and a Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is gorgeous, because they are directly and easily accessible, whether from the highway or from the city and the surrounding area as well.
    Oh, I love Dirty Old Rüsselsheim.
    Booaaarr this drives me crazy... mhhhh ...

    But the last time I was in a fast food restaurant it's more than six months ago, I more like to go in a Strausswirtschaft, wonderful and small restaurants of winegrowers, like ''Zur Dutt'' in Bodenheim.

  • Kfc is also delicious that's true :) The only thing missing here is probably the dish with mashed potatoes and sweet salad, so I never have visited a kfc here in Germany, on the website of kfc I probably have never seen this kind of food in contrast to America !
    But otherwise , the restaurant is well, and burger king is better as all other restaurants and in usa wendys is much better and they wanted to do it also in germany over 10years ago as far as I know!
    Unfortunately, that had no success here, but I have written to wendys in fb and thought it could be also possible that wendys comes to germany in the near future !
    Wendy's does not use any additives and the meat is not frozen !
    Mcdonalds you can also eat, but mcdonalds is just not so good and less meat and no grill flavor !
    Mcdonalds has also more likely the target group of women and children, Burger King lures with delicious hamburger and attracts more guys ;)
    Expectant in usa I will check some burger restaurants in any case ;)
    Service is very important and the germans should do it like in the US!
    What I find here is not much, and in the USA the burger shops fight for the best burger and offered!
    Here are only burger king and mcdonalds which are competitors ;)

  • This is the best Flame Grilled Burger for home, not frozen and with smoke aroma and made from 100% Irish beef;)
    At Rewe or Toom Market and Penny supermarket where he was also discovered, but at Rewe you'll find him in any case ;)

    The Quarter Pounder

    As a lost love is also this classic never in
    oblivion. You will not resist the urge
    can return again and again to her. About open
    Grilled flame and with the new improved sauce is this old
    Love for the tastiest Rustlers hamburger of all time

    Supplement Facts: Average values per 100g gross weight. condensing
    1224kJ/293kcal, protein 13.4 g, carbohydrates 22.2 g of which sugars 2.3 g,
    Fat 16.3g, of which saturates 6.5g, Ballastsoffe 2.0 g, sodium
    0.51 g Additional Information: Quarter Pounder beef burger with
    textured soy protein in a sesame bun, with attraction of being
    Cheese slice and a sachet Rustlers sauce.

    :thumbup: Salad etc. You still have to pop it by yourself if you want, but sauce is already part of ;)

    but in the oven with hot air make 150grad nice and slow, and of course open the burger and the top bun lay next to it on plate, the cheese still down on meat and you're done!
    150grad heat slowly until the cheese and the bun turns light golden brown, not too long and not too short!
    Depending on how you like your burger the cheese may not melt away but also needs to keep its golden yellow color!
    But you know already how to do that: D So let's try and say how the burger tasted, and I do not work for rustlers :P

  • hi, true homemade burgers are the best, although costs a lot of work and you need a few ingredients but well worth it!
    It is best to make the burgers on the grill, then you have a real bbq plus spices with bbq and smoke refine!

  • So how shall I tell it the best: Hmmmm .... (possibly it's conscious for someone or the others)
    If in the products like the Quarter Pounder of Rustlers is ever meat in it, then that's pure luck
    And it should not complain, because it is also reported
    Textured soy protein is a synonym for meat substitute/imitation meat.
    Since soy proteins are processed in an extruder with pressure and heat, thus it receives a fibrous structure and meat-like consistence.
    Enjoy your meal
    Or what do you think what you get for € 1.90 or € 2.10. Real beef??


  • don't know

    I do not know about rustler with the beef, but it's clear that in all products are never 100% beef in it usually!
    But I do not believe that rustler has no beef in it, it is even advertised it is beef from ireland!

  • Hello,
    the remarks on textured soy proteins are no assumptions or oracle, but facts. This is standard in fast-food companies and convenience industry. And generally known.
    And according to advertising for beef from Ireland? I do not think straight. Have you ever dealt with the idea that companies simply lie (And a thousand times and constantly). Or they manipulate by skipping. Or you could use spaces in the legal regulations relating content and origin (the most commonly used variant) to declare . It is quite possible that it would be sufficient if 10 % meat in it and they can still call it so -> impunity
    And these are some of the laws and regulations that were developed under the leadership of the Duke 's beloved, eco-fascists
    Only to arrive once again in reality. And today, are these green Pharisees and gossips in the first row and criticize processes which they themselves have been possible.

    It's a constant point of contention for years, which is also held in public. The permanent misnomer.
    Properly employ all the major manufacturers marketing and legal departments what they can do just to deal with it and may.

    Have you ever engaged in what so everything must BIO call and ecologically, just as if one of many examples.
    There is hardly a day where it is not reported again on a puppet number one producer with whom they deceive consumers ?(

    Years ago McDagobert and Shrike-King came into the press because the great beef were just shredded 10-12 years old milk cows in her rubber burgers. The were bought up and turned into thousands. In advertising, this looks nice and juicy.
    And if Mrs. Klum still stretches her horns in the camera everything is matter anyway.

    And today they make with veggie burgers on ecologically and give the idiots in the world the chance to convince himself that, although they still eat fast food , but still eat healthy. Just stupid that the veggie burgers have more fat than normal.
    And it will work with taste design to produce in this filth a drooling, otherwise no one gets namely down. And everything is legal

    When it tastes the customer and is cheap, then they shall eat it. I would want to finish it no final (much too strenuous for life models this clients)
    But you should always be honest with yourself and be clear about what one takes to be there.

    In this case,


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    Weingut - Gutsausschank "Duttenhöfer" in Bodenheim - Good Wines and super Food

    I laugh about the topic "Burger". Most of all I just like reading here, to be silent and not adding my shit. It's so funny what you type, could read for hours, and the images are funny, too, better say advertising. Since we do not get any copyright issues, because it's pure advertising (I hope).
    What do you write about Burger is also very interesting. I like to eat burgers, preferably homemade. The meatballs I have already made as a recipe in this forum that needs to be thought of only with steamed onions, pickles, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce in a baken coat.
    Then you have a burger with a better quality. Only a little better because I criticize that the minced meat quality unfortunately, as much, also decreases more and more, theme crushed bones, tendons, cartilage . I tell you honestly what, sometimes I 'm jealous of my dog, my arrangement is entirely in earnest, because for me it before as if the quality of dog food nowadays is better than our human food.
    Arnie, sorry, Inception, that was your Yahoo pseudo which makes me still remember and laughing, you're incorrigible, lol ...
    Yes, you realize that you were often in the United States. My friend from school, whose father came from the United States was just as convinced of the american products. Especially the burgers!
    Yesterday I was shopping, I saw chicken nuggets, just 53 percent of chicken meat, to 16 percent skin , the rest all breading and meat substitutes. Since Jumbo has pushed the envelope with the statement that is in the Rustler soy. Unbelievable but true .
    Did not know that too, but I buy almost no finished burgers in the supermarket. And am now glad drum, since I know from this awful mixture. Is disgusting.
    And the hardest they showed on TV. Who have made the ultimate test with Mc Donalds. They found that the burgers do not rot or get moldy. Even after months. This will get only a hard rock. Even the bread does not mold.
    People would rather not ask , never ask for what you eat there. And McDonald's also advertises with 100 % beef. But what is there in addition to the 100% beef to chemicals in it we do not really want to know . Because 100 % beef is like now everything in the food industry, only perfidious puns , it could , for example, 100% beef in it to be. Clear. They only say: This which is beef is 100% beef. Laugh. But aside from that, perhaps, in the fictitious example, 100% beef, 100% soy are in it too, soybeans 80 % and beef 20 % in the total share.
    "Total percentage" is the magic word and stitch, only the percentage of the total share of the total burger meat, is what counts. And these details they do not publish, but suggest to us, it would be 100 % beef in total meat content. It is childish, incorrect, and consumer deception. Supposedly, our Minister of Consumer Affairs wants to fight against all kind of deception in the declaration, but the food industry has so many lobbyists to distribute as many presents to the policy, as changes, as always, first nothing will be done.
    Therefore, I will refrain from doing the uncontrollable desire that I really have with burgers of all kinds, whether Mc Donalds, Burger King , Kentucky, and eat only the Mc Rib (pork, I hope) or better a FishMac. But I was eating burgers only one time in a year over the last 2 years, it was about 9 weeks ago and the only time this year at Mc Donalds.

  • It is clear that everywhere unfortunately additives are inside! But does not pass me the desire for the burgers they taste good!
    But in Usa there is Wendy's and they say that nowhere are additives in it, and also the burger meat is 100% beef!
    I think it's true, but of course the price is higher there than at mcdonalds and others!
    There are many burger chains in America and Local, and of course everyone wants to promote his burger in the best way!

    Wendy’s Serves Only 100% Pure Beef

    QSCC is very proud of the quality ingredients that our
    suppliers provide for Wendy’s cheeseburgers. We only use 100% pure beef
    from North American cattle that is fresh, never frozen (in the
    continental U.S. and Canada) with no fillers, additives, flavor
    boosters, or ammonia treatments.
    There have been
    various national news reports recently about a beef industry practice
    commonly called “pink slime.” This process involves taking scraps of
    beef, heating and spinning them to remove the fat, and treating them
    with ammonium hydroxide (ammonia) to kill bacteria. This product is
    often added to fattier meat as “filler” to produce an overall leaner
    product. The USDA approves this process, which the industry calls “lean
    finely textured beef.”

  • Hello Inception
    Well then eat, good appetite.
    But honestly, you have not really read what has been written previously? : D: D
    You don't want to know everything. You are already switched off after the third sentence. Actually, we can save us more words.


    Ammonium hydroxide is ammonia, because of no fillers. And that the taste is well, for this they take care, this is for sure-> Taste Design
    But I think we have to stop now, there is no blessing on it

  • I know

    Have seen that on the rustlers is a yellow layer!
    But the burger already taste well!
    But unfortunately there are additives anywhere, also in sausages :(
    But this wendys burger in America seem to have no additives in it! hope that's true!

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    About all this I can only think one thing that it is fact that we are truly made ill and this is what they want us to be... the government, pharmaceutical, commercial enterprises and the WHO, and other large organizations ... I will still write and explain it here in our Cosirex Health Forum ... :tschu:

  • not even bio

    And bio is not even always biological, but there are bio products that are also really bio and taste great! Have eaten a Super Bio Pizza from the freezer and the taste was really convincing biologically!
    Bio you can taste out of many things, one tastes just the pure taste and not like other products which are chemical mace!
    The government wants people to be poisoned!
    Can only show you something about the flourid lie http://www.spirituellerverlag.de/die-fluorid-l%C3%BCge/, it's said that it's healthy but it's not true!
    Just as I advise not to buy salt with fluorine or iodine which is absolutely not healthy, if you want pure salt then buy the sodium salt which is colored slightly pink by nature!

  • For a short period of time these burgers you could buy at Penny market but at rewe there are also some burgers, but the best burger was the big burger, then with the sauce I really thought it is a real Big Mac lol
    but on the back of the package I once read what is in it, if there is any soy texturing or something else, but that's not the case but you can also see on the burger if there was such a small strip on which is meat that is textured! In any case I'm satisfied with the percentage number beef of the meatball, it is super meat without gristle etc and tastes great, as well as at mcdonalds, that finds beef but even better because it is not frozen! but anyone can test it even if you get it between the fingers. the hotdogs from Abbelen are also delicious for me the best packages out there!

  • hi josef because you are right, too often then it's not healthy and it hangs out of my neck! But many Americans eat it every day at noon usually, but the whole thinng is not healthy! Have made a lot of travelling in the usa, and've noticed the fast food there, that's what the amis prefer to eat for lunch during their lunch break. It's just quick and simple, but also in Germany is much fast food eaten in the lunch break! of course the whole thing is not exactly healthy, but what are the make people stop if they only ne short break for lunch!