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    basically the following formula applies: the larger the chain the more mass has to be produced, which is always at the expense of Quality
    Homemade Burger or of little shops you can take quite times.
    But McDagobert or shrike King, neee.
    Since advertising can make as much as they want. It is and remains rubbish

    And veggie burgers ... who at the fast-food chains sometimes twice as much fat as the regular burgers
    How should the otherwise flavor to the mush.
    This lie is only doing something in the bag that want to pretend for their food, but still be able to continue to run to fast food. Good plan (for Mc ......)

    My opinion about Dieter Bohlen is not ready for printing.
    But as a musician and producer, he happens to be absolutely successful.
    That's not to shake it.

    That so many people to concepts like these casting shows and deliver everything happening
    is more a product of social developments. Since then meet two aspects and complement each other.
    Mr. Bohlen can all just practicing because offer always what (despite plenty of lesson)
    Hence my sympathy is kept within limits
    And in the end earn only two parties: the tv station and Dieter Bohlen.

    During my military service I was at an air landing unit. And a fear of heights I have no certainty
    And I know the risks that may arise, e.g. aerodynamics and wind conditions and I can estimate it reasonably.

    But I wouldn't do.
    Fo me it's a little too risky.
    Such Kicks I do not need. I get them somewhere else.


    Hello Inception
    Well then eat, good appetite.
    But honestly, you have not really read what has been written previously? : D: D
    You don't want to know everything. You are already switched off after the third sentence. Actually, we can save us more words.


    Ammonium hydroxide is ammonia, because of no fillers. And that the taste is well, for this they take care, this is for sure-> Taste Design
    But I think we have to stop now, there is no blessing on it

    the remarks on textured soy proteins are no assumptions or oracle, but facts. This is standard in fast-food companies and convenience industry. And generally known.
    And according to advertising for beef from Ireland? I do not think straight. Have you ever dealt with the idea that companies simply lie (And a thousand times and constantly). Or they manipulate by skipping. Or you could use spaces in the legal regulations relating content and origin (the most commonly used variant) to declare . It is quite possible that it would be sufficient if 10 % meat in it and they can still call it so -> impunity
    And these are some of the laws and regulations that were developed under the leadership of the Duke 's beloved, eco-fascists
    Only to arrive once again in reality. And today, are these green Pharisees and gossips in the first row and criticize processes which they themselves have been possible.

    It's a constant point of contention for years, which is also held in public. The permanent misnomer.
    Properly employ all the major manufacturers marketing and legal departments what they can do just to deal with it and may.

    Have you ever engaged in what so everything must BIO call and ecologically, just as if one of many examples.
    There is hardly a day where it is not reported again on a puppet number one producer with whom they deceive consumers ?(

    Years ago McDagobert and Shrike-King came into the press because the great beef were just shredded 10-12 years old milk cows in her rubber burgers. The were bought up and turned into thousands. In advertising, this looks nice and juicy.
    And if Mrs. Klum still stretches her horns in the camera everything is matter anyway.

    And today they make with veggie burgers on ecologically and give the idiots in the world the chance to convince himself that, although they still eat fast food , but still eat healthy. Just stupid that the veggie burgers have more fat than normal.
    And it will work with taste design to produce in this filth a drooling, otherwise no one gets namely down. And everything is legal

    When it tastes the customer and is cheap, then they shall eat it. I would want to finish it no final (much too strenuous for life models this clients)
    But you should always be honest with yourself and be clear about what one takes to be there.

    In this case,


    So how shall I tell it the best: Hmmmm .... (possibly it's conscious for someone or the others)
    If in the products like the Quarter Pounder of Rustlers is ever meat in it, then that's pure luck
    And it should not complain, because it is also reported
    Textured soy protein is a synonym for meat substitute/imitation meat.
    Since soy proteins are processed in an extruder with pressure and heat, thus it receives a fibrous structure and meat-like consistence.
    Enjoy your meal
    Or what do you think what you get for € 1.90 or € 2.10. Real beef??


    Reports on Pangasius farming I have also seen a couple of times.
    Dreadful and absolutely disgusting.
    The whole was stepped up for a reason: Conveniently shop and produce abundant
    I eat for almost 3 years no more and since I had not seen any documentation.
    But a conversation with a credible food chemist and restaurant owner
    have dissuaded me from.

    In what is the fish done so with antibiotics and poison amazes me that no diseases
    have emerged in a big way or relationships were established.


    Hi Duke,
    you are absolutely right, Hans Zimmer is real good.
    I'm always a fan of film music and in this case he is the
    most profiled.
    But I'm also a fan of Ennio Morricone. He has also written

    several pieces, where no song sounds like another one.