The Power Of UNICODE Symbols ? Unicode Brutal ?

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    Don't cry, UNICODE ? when rain is falling,
    dam, dam, dam, dam,
    There is someone keeping for you,
    dam, dam, dam, dam,

    Marble, stone, and iron breaks,
    but our love, will never end.
    Everything, everything, will end,
    but we are faithful to us.

    ...Partially translated songtext of "Marmor, Stein, und Eisen bricht" - "Marble, stone, and iron breaks"...
    ...The song is also supplemented by the two words "UNICODE ? "...

    In memory of the german singer and songwriter "Drafi Deutscher" (* 9. Mai 1946 in Berlin-Charlottenburg ; † 9. Juni 2006 in Frankfurt am Main) with his unforgetable song "Marmor, Stein, und Eisen bricht."

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    Just seen some motivation ! Ya boi made the highest honors bulletin at college..! Aint done yet ...leggo #‎findmyname #‎hardwork ‪#‎schoolhustle [u]#4.0

  • ۹(●̮̮̃•) Just found something else:

    °¤*ஜ.∙´¯`∙.♥ღ UNICODE for Web ღ♥.∙´¯`∙.ஜ*¤°

    ASCII sucks...

    █ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ █

    ☼✿♥Websucherin♥ ✿☼

    Liebe ist die stärkste Macht der Welt, und doch ist sie die demütigste, die man sich vorstellen kann.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  • I find the unicode signs are old fashioned, dated anyway!
    But, there are many artful inicode art characters: :) But I think in this day and age, many use just Smileys.
    But here in my profile I have unicode characters as my signature, too, and it doesn't look bad.

  • Yes, I mostly see it the same way. Smileys are only used by those who are either too lazy to look for cool UNICODE characters, or do not know where they get them, or how they are called, etc.
    Although the last thing anyone has this problem, too, I knew also nothing about it several years ago.
    But they are not old-fashioned, on the contrary, in Youtube, Google+, Facebook, anywhere they are used. In Google+/Youtube, they may even be used as a name, or user name, user ID, just like in the Cosirex Community. That looks mega. Since it is used mainly by young people, it's to be regarded as hyper modern. : D
    Your UNICODE characters will be displayed even in the Google search results.
    Super. Unfortunately, Google shows no UNICODE characters in the title of the search results, which is otherwise indicated by Bing. At Yahoo, I do not know, because I do not use Yahoo search, since the Yahoo Cosirex forum almost not is not displayed in search results very much, as well as many other German and European sides.
    In my opinion Yahoo is anyway on the decline, it began so that you have abolished the chat, get down with these capitals mistake, perhaps Yahoo also has the gun of NSA to his head. Because the safety precautions in Yahoo have become inhuman, absolutely mistaken, you can't register without a phone number. What an entrepreneurial error. Forced destroys.
    And Yahoo destroyed by its constraints, as well as the candling of mails. Let robots / crawlers / bots go through each mail and searching for suspicious words. Nothing against the fear of terrorism, but that is invasion of privacy and lack of privacy. So a company will not win any customers and users.
    But I have to say it is also known that Facebook rayed all messages to alleged terrorist and illegal content. I think the United States are firmly in the grip of fear politics of NSA.
    Soon we are as far as it was prophesied in the gloomiest science fiction movies, the time of the transparent man who wears a chip and is monitored as in Hitler's SS 24 hours a day. Empowered, free men, that's all over now. Fear, power, and greed dominates the modern man of the future. that is really frightening and sad and strange that the American people along with this, would have expected a cooler head by them. Somehow everything is going wrong in the world.

  • New UNICODE and UTF-8 Images (Chat Images, Forum Images, SMS-Images)

    __〆(。。) Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ \(〇_o)/ (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄ ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰_Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰ ><(((('>