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    The event of the Formula E race series at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin is mega superclass.

    Unbelievable which electric cars and E-racing cars standing there. The airplanes and the airport as an ambience fit like the fist on the eye, as these future-oriented vehicles can be compared with airplanes; Especially as they are on the ground just as quickly.

    Great pictures, Shakini

    Incredible! Malware check from AdwCleaner positive! Malware found!

    The result allows wild speculation and even more questions about questions.

    Why is there worldwide no documentation about this malware, although it is still present in the AdwCleaner database. So it can be detected and removed accordingly? Questions that could be deeply indicative. Because it could be possible that with this malware terrorists or their sympathizers will be tried to track down.

    Fascinating: The names of these unauthorized registry entries are exactly the same as the name of an French newspaper article.

    Important: The newspaper/news site Lyon Capitale has nothing to do with the malware, the malware came with the video site, it is a pro-Al-Qaida video portal.

    More specifically: The name itself is the actual URL (Internet address) of the article page:


    Result - AdwCleaner (Malwarebytes) scan und removal of the detected malware:

    Questions about questions - Summary:

    Half a year ago, I watched an Al-Qaeda propaganda avid, officially linked in a french newspaper, and by the video I got this malware, in the worst case a Trojan.

    Is it this malware from the evil or the good?

    If a government organization is scanning me for terrorist activities, I could still live with it. Finally, a global war rages on the Internet. It would be questionable, because borders are crossed. Nevertheless, the anti-terrorist organizations also have to resort to unconventional means to get hold of those who only kill for pleasure and for religion is only an excuse for their horror.

    If the Maware is from Al-Qaeda itself, it would not be surprising.

    What was still contaminated, installed and spied?

    Why is there no single documentation about this malware?

    This suggests that it is a white Trojan of an anti-terrorist iniative.
    Hope is dying last.

    Basically, I want to make this information available on the Internet.

    ATTENTION: There is the threat of unwanted, unasked registry entries.

    ATTENTION: Here is something! Look!

    What is here? - Experts can deal with this. Transparency is a visible sign of freedom and democracy.

    Background information about the video in the newspaper

    The article in the newspaper "Lyon Capitale" describes a propaganda video of Al-Qaeda about an assassin, who lives in the Al-Qaeda video linked there, live a man with a knife head.
    This article has caused me sleepless nights for days. About half a year ago I looked as if this abominable video - unable to switch off the video. Never had I ever seen a man being killed or murdered, nor wanted it. This shocking act I will never forget.

    The killing of the hostage is shown down to the last detail, because it is a propaganda video of Al-Qaeda itself. Although I am used to some, I went to the limits of my mental resilience. In the end, the tears ran, bewildered and dumb with anger as stupid people, regardless of religion, race. With the murderer shown in the newspaper were shown some connections with the assassin of Nice.

    Happy about every information about this malware.

    Who knows something about?

    Lots of greets

    On 17.03.2017 the era DMOZ was terminated. ODP (Open Directory Project) was the largest manhandled web directory in the world.

    Web sites of any kind and size were only released and updated after a direct review of a volunteer editor (editor).

    The basic idea is ingenious, as this ensured a high quality standard. Everything depended on the one hand, on the basic idea of the free
    ODP organization and how strongly the respective editor enforced this basic idea in his work.

    However, this could also be seen as a possible critique: If the editors had their own political, religious, social, cultural, cultural views, these would of course be reflected in their decision to approve or reject domains.

    In today's times of the Internet with exploding growth rates and rapid changes of domains, no static, long-lasting Internet sites as up to
    2010, it was probably only a matter of time until the project DMOZ was overstrained.

    Currently, the Internet is subject to extreme changes, search engines and networks become the political, economic, social power factor with massive commercial interests, which tend to suppress human individuality.

    Today, these are our daily companions that we have to deal with: war on the Internet, ripping through software and services, warning waves, cyber criminals, stalking, espionage, total surveillance, and making themselves or others dependet from the Internet and its electronic temptations.

    So the ODP on was a welcome alternative in a world of bots and crawlers. A real rock in surf as a web directory and search engine for all websites, blogs, organizations, businesses, networks, communities, to private homepages.

    Too bad, DMOZ-ODP - You were an oasis in the foreign-controlled Internet...

    Thanks to all who built this amazing service.

    :thumbup:<3 :thumbup:

    New UNICODE and UTF-8 Images (Chat Images, Forum Images, SMS-Images)

    __〆(。。) Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ \(〇_o)/ (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄ ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰_Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰ ><(((('>

    New ASCII and UTF-8 Images (Chat Images, Forum Images, SMS-Images)

    __〆(。。) Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ \(〇_o)/ (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄ ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰_Ỏ̷͖͈̞̩͎̻̫̫̜͉̠̫͕̭̭̫̫̹̗̹͈̼̠̖͍͚̥͈̮̼͕̠̤̯̻̥̬̗̼̳̤̳̬̪̹͚̞̼̠͕̼̠̦͚̫͔̯̹͉͉̘͎͕̼̣̝͙̱̟̹̩̟̳̦̭͉̮̖̭̣̣̞̙̗̜̺̭̻̥͚͙̝̦̲̱͉͖͉̰̦͎̫̣̼͎͍̠̮͓̹̹͉̤̰̗̙͕͇͔̱͕̭͈̳̗̭͔̘̖̺̮̜̠͖̘͓̳͕̟̠̱̫̤͓͔̘̰̲͙͍͇̙͎̣̼̗̖͙̯͉̠̟͈͍͕̪͓̝̩̦̖̹̼̠̘̮͚̟͉̺̜͍͓̯̳̱̻͕̣̳͉̻̭̭̱͍̪̩̭̺͕̺̼̥̪͖̦̟͎̻̰ ><(((('>

    I also find it's good. The big drawback of Facebook login, Google and Twitter is that nobody knows that someone can only login through Facebook! You can't even change your password in the relevant website, neither can you get password reseting e-mails, nor anything. You have know that the username of your new website is not yours, it's only possible to change over Facebook, Google, or Twitter.
    If you are not online in Google, Twitter or Facebook, you can't login in the other website until the moment you are online in the master community (Facebook, twitter, Google)
    It's the total dependence on the major internet giants. You can't do anything without asking Facebook, Google or Twitter.
    It's getting totally crazy, it's if you link multiple accounts with each other, for example, you connect Facebook with Yahoo, then Twitter, and in the end this community. Concretely it means: Are not you in Facebook online, you can neither use Cosirex nor Yahoo, nor Twitter.
    Only when you give „Masterhead Facebook“ mercy on logging in there, only then you can use the other online communities and social networks, and you are able to go online in Yahoo, Cosirex and Twitter.
    Technically, it would be quite easy to implement the possibility of logging separately in each community or website. But this dependence is wanted and willed. Thus, the Internet users are forced to pick up the permission of the king site to be allowed to log into other websites. Just as governments put their hands on the money of its citizens via „implanted chips“ and the abolishing of cash the big social networks in the world lay their hands on the online activities of their users. It'is the total control by functions and the perfect „all-round carefree package“.
    So is not all what we paid and get really, really good for us humans. No! Behind them always hide much deeper reasons and marketing interests.
    Everything is much worse! Down in the basement of this associated logins for multiple online providers and communities is total control and manipulation. Because deep in the Conditions of Use to hide clauses which one tacitly agrees by the use, as only a very small group of users read Conditions of Use actually to the last detail, as privacy advocates, lawyers and guard, smart people.
    We agree, first, a permanent control on means to naturally only for statistical purposes must the upper community, the royal network, of course, the user activity, see and record. is Furthermore, and more importantly, the executive suite must namely to know exactly what their users do with the affiliated online vendors. Can control the competition not be simpler, easier and better? Thus, knowing the Internet giants exactly what their users do with other providers, can instantly expand your offerings and services of their competition, cut, or even promote certain interests or block their own offer.
    Again, the new buzzword of the presence means whatever „interest-based advertising“. Knowing the users and their preferences means in the modern world limitless power and infinite wealth.
    The next parasite in the background gleefully waiting for his food, the political and state institutions.
    The glass man has long become reality, we build it within ourselves to defy by convenience, laziness and cowardice of certainty that is not always the fastest and easiest way is the smartest and best way. Blessed are those who know what did spiritual thinkers of all religious communities already in ancient times:
    A man's fate is the stony and hard way!
    Who moves and works is sometimes even wealthy fit, slim, healthy, mostly also happy and.
    We give our freedom to own and voluntary.

    Super! Die neue Galerie hat noch mehr Funktionen bekommen habe ich gesehen. Man kann den Dateinamen mit nur einem Mausklick als Bildtitel übernehmen. Das vereinfacht die zuvor mühselige Arbeit immer einen Bildtitel schreiben zu müssen in großem Maße. Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Werde jetzt auch verstärkt den Kalender benutzen, sehe da verstecken sich auch neue Funktionen.
    Richtig gut gemacht. Glückwunsch.

    The car of the future can fly, drive, perhaps it is can also swim.
    It's unbelievable how close we are the future visions of past science fiction movies. A mix of car, helicopter, airboat brings the fun of driving off the road into the air. In less than a minute to the road vehicle is transformed into an aircraft and raises by two twin propeller engines mounted on the fold-out mini wings off the ground.
    The propellers on the wings, which are similar in design to a Quadrocopter be continuously rotated after reaching the desired altitude in the horizontal, which results in a faster airspeed, the lift is already increased by the greater speed. Therefore, the flying car rich and miniature wings, which provide for increasing speed for sufficient buoyancy.
    Then the twin rotors is switched off completely and collapsed, the flying car is now only driven by the large rear propeller which sits like a swamp boat at the end of the fuselage and ensures a constant cruising speed of up to 200 mph.
    Will the flying car landing again, be extended the twin rotors started and evenly rotated in vertical direction until they are all the way up like a helicopter and thereby provide sufficient lift to landing.

    This is art that inspires!

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