Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google in Cosirex

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    Since today Facebook user can create their Cosirex user accounts with the same user name, profile photo (avatar), email address and password.
    Simply click above in the left corner on "Login Button" of Facebook or Twitter, then accept the terms, and immediately the Cosirex profile page appears.
    The Hammer - The new profile is already filled out with the same user name, email, password. You have to click the sex and optional (it might be prudent) the date of birth click only. You can put a check mark whether the public is allowed to see the birth year or not.
    Finish the Cosirex profile, the identical account which allows you to be in Facebook/Twitter/Google and Cosirex online simultaneously.
    And so you can easy switch between the communities.
    Even the chatter gallery may involve one, hardcore Internet users then have 4 pages online open: Cosirex, Chatter Gallery, Facebook and Twitter.
    Man pushes the cool themes, photos, blog items back and forth and is hot here .... :rolleyes::huh::whistling:
    Google+ will follow today too!

  • Very good especially for the lazy people who want to log in without registration and jiffy someone is together with all of us.Google login feature is cool because there are some users, for example, which are logged on google, youtube.

  • I also find it's good. The big drawback of Facebook login, Google and Twitter is that nobody knows that someone can only login through Facebook! You can't even change your password in the relevant website, neither can you get password reseting e-mails, nor anything. You have know that the username of your new website is not yours, it's only possible to change over Facebook, Google, or Twitter.
    If you are not online in Google, Twitter or Facebook, you can't login in the other website until the moment you are online in the master community (Facebook, twitter, Google)
    It's the total dependence on the major internet giants. You can't do anything without asking Facebook, Google or Twitter.
    It's getting totally crazy, it's if you link multiple accounts with each other, for example, you connect Facebook with Yahoo, then Twitter, and in the end this community. Concretely it means: Are not you in Facebook online, you can neither use Cosirex nor Yahoo, nor Twitter.
    Only when you give „Masterhead Facebook“ mercy on logging in there, only then you can use the other online communities and social networks, and you are able to go online in Yahoo, Cosirex and Twitter.
    Technically, it would be quite easy to implement the possibility of logging separately in each community or website. But this dependence is wanted and willed. Thus, the Internet users are forced to pick up the permission of the king site to be allowed to log into other websites. Just as governments put their hands on the money of its citizens via „implanted chips“ and the abolishing of cash the big social networks in the world lay their hands on the online activities of their users. It'is the total control by functions and the perfect „all-round carefree package“.
    So is not all what we paid and get really, really good for us humans. No! Behind them always hide much deeper reasons and marketing interests.
    Everything is much worse! Down in the basement of this associated logins for multiple online providers and communities is total control and manipulation. Because deep in the Conditions of Use to hide clauses which one tacitly agrees by the use, as only a very small group of users read Conditions of Use actually to the last detail, as privacy advocates, lawyers and guard, smart people.
    We agree, first, a permanent control on means to naturally only for statistical purposes must the upper community, the royal network, of course, the user activity, see and record. is Furthermore, and more importantly, the executive suite must namely to know exactly what their users do with the affiliated online vendors. Can control the competition not be simpler, easier and better? Thus, knowing the Internet giants exactly what their users do with other providers, can instantly expand your offerings and services of their competition, cut, or even promote certain interests or block their own offer.
    Again, the new buzzword of the presence means whatever „interest-based advertising“. Knowing the users and their preferences means in the modern world limitless power and infinite wealth.
    The next parasite in the background gleefully waiting for his food, the political and state institutions.
    The glass man has long become reality, we build it within ourselves to defy by convenience, laziness and cowardice of certainty that is not always the fastest and easiest way is the smartest and best way. Blessed are those who know what did spiritual thinkers of all religious communities already in ancient times:
    A man's fate is the stony and hard way!
    Who moves and works is sometimes even wealthy fit, slim, healthy, mostly also happy and.
    We give our freedom to own and voluntary.

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    Shit on it, I'm using it. Internet by itself is to connect people from the start in its purpose, to share information, necessarily a little piece of control. Once two people communicate, even two people in the stone age were talking, automatically one knows what the other says.
    Communication, no matter in what way, whether by carrier pigeon means to let your partner or enemy know about what you are talking about.
    Serves communication electronically, then white and the provider of the media from the computer, cell phones to managers of electronic lines, satellites, servers, back to the provider of the communication platform of the content of communications modest. Despite all encryption mechanisms, all of which I think last finally pointless because data packets can be read as a frequency in the form of electronic existence and presence.
    Therefore, intelligence can even read out the best verschlüsselste real-time communication, read more detail in Basic.
    Everything is transmitted in real time is readable. Encryption is the great Verarsche of modern times.
    Electronics simplifies the sharing charge sizes in frequencies. Since we can disassemble and reassemble information such as text, voice and image in charge sizes and frequencies, we are able to do this at any point.
    Although this most can not understand or want, it is still a reality.
    Encryption is only really feasible and relatively safe if it does not work in real time. If you send data at different times, which are therefore not attributable more to their other parts.
    The best and only realistic Encryption is a data transfer is not in real time, flanked by other under mixed data and frequencies to increase the mixing ratio in relativity to the individual data size and frequency.
    If you zerlegst a word in letters, it would be awesome to disassemble letters and numbers even further, the letters a time lag mixed with other letters on wearing. The second and most important question people unfortunately always first, the question of the key.
    The perfect key is a key with no shape. A No-Key. A key of the one does not know that it is a key.
    Or, though key, not transmitted at least electronically, but quite classic agent moderately by human, animal courier, messenger. As real Parcel with a usb-stick, a data memory whereby here again is decisive: The best messenger and courier is the one who does not know that he is a bearer.
    Back to perfect data transmission and encryption. If the information is transferred temporarily displaced, it can no longer be perceived as unique information.
    Just how white the real, connected remote site even as the data transfer is composed? You must know the key of the time-shifting and interpret.
    Why and to whom I explain the fact. Enough now.

  • I'm logged in with Facebook account here. Too bad really, that you always have to be online in Facebook or Google or Twitter to log in the related website can.
    But because many are in the main network anyway permanently online, it does make no difference.
    It simplifies logging things everywhere, logging things here and there and trallalla going now fix as the fixer.
    Fix, fix, fix ...