Pangasius - A bad fish

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    Greets and welcome Charlemagne...I can dissuade you from eating. The Pangasius be in aquaculture in Southeast Asia, for example, Vietnam, grown en masse, with antibiotics and other drugs, even Algenkiller fed. The water is terribly dirty with fish waste, chemicals, and drugs, will not be cleaned. Many fish suffocate or are still half alive brought in baskets ( without water ) kilometers for further processing and slaughter by bike . There they are processed with phosphates to the weight of the fish ( fillets ) to double because phosphates water in the tissue of fish or meat bind ( Liar-weight ) to finally end up with us on the do not eat Pangasius more after...

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    "Wenn ein Mensch deine Seele berührt, wird dein Verstand ihn niemals löschen können"

  • Pangius contains almost no vitamins and only very few omega-3s!In addition, the fish is pumped full of Antibotika, mostly the fish live together in a confined space!They eat the feces of other fish, so treatment with Antibotika is done so that the fish do not get sick!
    So stay away from the fish total vitaminarm and full of toxins, even if it is organic, bees are as well the fish has nothing healthy in!Get Dear salmon and Schole from AlaskaFemeg or Iglo ; ) But Femeg is the better brand for me!But Costa is also a special treat!Dorada cod fish also great :) But Pangasius is bland and simply no fish! "Cheap fish", I say!

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    This is very interesting and enlightening because this fish is often recommended, and has also found an extremely rapid worldwide dissemination in restaurants and chefs, most with us, the consumers. : fischi :
    What is seen as the video can already be described as good research and shows me what fish I will avoid next time you visit the buffet restaurant from China. Once again, more one of profit over all odds. Probably true, but bad excuse is again: The people in Asia live on something, too.

  • Reports on Pangasius farming I have also seen a couple of times.
    Dreadful and absolutely disgusting.
    The whole was stepped up for a reason: Conveniently shop and produce abundant
    I eat for almost 3 years no more and since I had not seen any documentation.
    But a conversation with a credible food chemist and restaurant owner
    have dissuaded me from.

    In what is the fish done so with antibiotics and poison amazes me that no diseases
    have emerged in a big way or relationships were established.


  • People also need the money through the fish , but the big companies invest the most money and sell us the fish, hire for a price for us is cheap !

    Pangasius is sort of like the pig a product that is produced excessively in order to bring course as inexpensive fish to anyone!

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    I am really shocked by what you write about Pangasius. In life, I will not eat.
    Thanks for the information. And also other fish. I have so fed up.
    have already written here in the forum that I no longer eat tuna for more than a year since the quality has declined and there rapidly.
    Believe it or not. Just this week I launched a new attempt. Have a can of tuna bought at the supermarket, no brand goods, but cheapest variety. Meanwhile, is really everywhere the dolphin on it or any emblem that shows us, or suggests that the fish is caught that other fish, as just dolphins, not affected, or even protected.
    The consumption of tuna amounted to a fiasco. I found needlepoint, hard, 3 cm long fish bone in it, and even other parts of bones. But this would have a major bone to pierce my palate, so hard and pointed, I really thought that's a murder weapon. Also were fragments of skin and comminuted fish mash find next to a couple of the few good pieces of fillets.
    I threw the can away in disgust. Even my dog Samson I wanted this not do, quite seriously, especially the many sunflower oil is not necessarily good for dogs.
    So, the fishing and fish farming in general suffer from extreme loss of quality and the industrial processing either on factory ships where only the processing rate, not even the catch quota, is paramount. It is ruthless with nature, the environment, and even haunted us, that just stunned stands next to it. But you have so super unearthed information about Pangasius, then I want to come back. The fish should be in my opinion boycotted by us consumers. Do not eat more Pangasius and the problem would be really solved the fastest.
    Because the demand regulates the supply.
    Even though I do not begrudge the people in Asia and all over the world working and earning a living, but this can not be a way.
    First, we poison ourselves with it and how Jumbo says it's hard to believe that there is no connection between certain diseases of consumers all over the world and the breeding methods can be drawn from Pangasius.
    The greatest danger is usually always the creeping danger.

  • @moonshadow
    Since you're right, also includes Pangasius virtually no vitamins or omega-3 fatty acid.
    Freshwater fish tend to have little omega-3s anyway!
    Saltwater fish are also dear to me, such as plaice, salmon, or cod, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and good taste!