Snatam Kaur - The Sun Shines On Everyone

  • "The sun shines on everyone, we have no choice.
    When it rains it rains, we have no choice.
    Our soul, our spirit lives in us, we have no choice.
    We pray, pray for all,
    Peace for us all,
    Life for us all,
    Love for Us All "
    Beautiful song from the album "Feeling Good Today!" with songs and mantras for children. :herz:

    "Wenn ein Mensch deine Seele berĂŒhrt, wird dein Verstand ihn niemals löschen können"

  • This is indeed inspiring, spirtuelle music. Great music. I float on the music by the 2.Advent. Letting go of all heavy, of everything that is depressing us and oppressed. The soul, the spirit, and body to give freedom to unfold and to be found. I like Indian music, not only from India, the entire Far Eastern culture is very focused on the mind and body.
    But at this point I do not write memoir, but can flow only my spirit...

  • What a magical, wonderful music and singing.
    Those 27 minutes of live version of by your grace takes us to a place, an oasis of peace, of happiness and inspiration.
    The spirit is alive, connects to the soul and body into a temple of love, compassion.
    The soul ray the whole day. I love their music, their angelic voice that connects us to the Creator.
    The music is so phenomenal, so optimistic and reassuring exudes so much love, happiness, peace and tranquility.
    A wonderful bliss and ease captured the whole body, the soul and the spirit.
    It's heavenly. Take time to listen, dreaming and dancing. It feels so good!!!

    "Wenn ein Mensch deine Seele berĂŒhrt, wird dein Verstand ihn niemals löschen können"

  • a beautiful song is so good. After all the shit, what is produced, does it just fine. Nice place for rest and to bring the soul to the body in harmony, the harmony and all the problems and stress will be smaller. Beautifully. thanks for that :P:P:P

  • Yeah ... lol ... Singirella ... wonderful to fall asleep in relation to your Smiley ... lol ... but good all male and professionally ...
    The first song, or the first video, however, is really a blast, which is megamÀssig of Snatam