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  • Snow Explosion! Beating Tetris! Goat Making Love With Koala!
    With this thread I will start setting funny, crass, cool and hot gifs, which are small movies, animated images, in the Images and Video Forum.
    My wish is that as much as possible answers will be written, and as much as possible cool gifs will be uploaded and set here in this thread.
    Please, write always a copyright reference of the gif image in your posting, or if you have created a GIF by yourself, pleasen give a statement/permission that the release is authorized.
    Otherwise the team will delete the images. Nowadays copyright is a very important part of publishing everything in the world!

    Explanation: An animated image has the file format or extension .gif oder .GIF

    Have a lot of fun in the world of animated images, the mini movies, shortly named "Gif".

    Note: Here are three gifs, one has over 1mb, the second 2mb. Depending on the speed of your internet connection it could take a moment to download and display the images.
    But be sure - you will be rewarded for the short wait.

    Important: The shown gifs were posted by users of "Google+", the copyright notice appears in the image.
    Thanks a lot to each creator, owner and publisher of the shown image.

    ATTENTION: Open the GIF videos by clicking on the image

    EVERY FILM IS A PLEASURE - You need to watch them several times to have the most fun

    "Shaken, not stirred"

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    These motion pictures, short animations, they are pretty cool .gif image files and they are real films.
    Gifs are simple, concatenated image files, which suggest our eyes a movement like in all films.
    Great movies you have posted, 007.


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    These gifs are awesome. Well done, properly movie gif files.
    Really, gifs are basically short films, but just as a single image file.
    Gifs can be animated or not animated, so gifs are animations.