The truth about burger and fastfood

  • May I also post something to this topic? I've made a report about Mc D, or Mc X . It's named "The truth about burger and fastfood".
    I easily post this video. :popcorn::lecker:

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  • clear, they are not healthy, in Germany not so much people certainly pay attention to the quality as in the USA! In America I was always excited and since there are so many chains, and small who want to beat the best Hapsburgs held each other! For example there is a small chain what I've seen, you can see and trace back where the meat is coming from! and that's from a small breeds and the animals are not fully carved with chemicals but biologically fed! course, this is a good thing but you also have to pay for it!

  • Hello
    basically the following formula applies: the larger the chain the more mass has to be produced, which is always at the expense of Quality
    Homemade Burger or of little shops you can take quite times.
    But McDagobert or shrike King, neee.
    Since advertising can make as much as they want. It is and remains rubbish

    And veggie burgers ... who at the fast-food chains sometimes twice as much fat as the regular burgers
    How should the otherwise flavor to the mush.
    This lie is only doing something in the bag that want to pretend for their food, but still be able to continue to run to fast food. Good plan (for Mc ......)

  • it taste but burger king I find even better, but are just all large chains and small pay just more but get also quality then ! They pay just quite a bit on it in usa example, I've seen a burger for 6dollar, but if it costs so much then get also what clever ! also offers a burger chain burger with this particular meat of a particularly good beef , but you pay for , of course, also some evidence ! but the great want so make profit and get their hicle to the people ! If you have a burger habenwill where you know that is at its best the buy good quality meat even when butcher, and then even slap on the grill and the ingredients themselves fresh as the amis then make also like hits it at mcdonalds flavor enhancers are in there , etc that's true what in the video it is said , and the cheese it is also not a real cheddar ! and in the video are actually said that you may be refilled for free but drinks, but I 'm here in de never experienced in america there often ! but did that include the you want the nice cola drink because then eat again out of the stomach , and you get hungry again and think then come back again :) haha you 're the duke with the dieter zabelo videos hahaha but you can be identified by the laugh , the voice is just different somehow hahah ! bigmac and beidir looks so totally charred , the bröttchen on samson like the also the BigMag lol
    've also wants hhahaha saving coupons lol also have :) but haha you wendys and how all hot hahaha , there yes here but unfortunately net but wendys is even getetestet of the qualtitä wurede different from the food authority , and who have no additives in it But do ! ensure the even advertising I hope that come soon after Germany times because yes here only govern mcdonalds and burger king than ever makes alas! Mcdonalds is still the number 1 because the shut people with their make additives addicted I think ! and with the saving coupons lure because the make one lol everywhere in! belongings from the bildzeitung where are you from have your can even auchmal say :) But there yes even on the internet at tonlibne to print , etc. I think that's made specifically customer- to bait !

  • in small chains or shops are safe always best that clear , the great offer just only 0815 and really good burger sinsd just much fresher than dei at mcdonalds seems to load have tobe good burger just as in usa chili burger for example, etc , even the chili cheese fries are ;) just like in usa made something tastes good and is not just 01815 !
    But the samson tastes he auchd bigmac and the chicken nuggets , so the nuggets at mcdonalds and the sauce are quite cool :) but I was not tired from a burger, and if you're not tired at 2 'll I can understand that too ! Well there is so much fat in it kalorieren and is not saturable that, and that want the yes even at mcdonalds nice buy on :) still had fries with mayo you were to have had but sufficed because the mayo makes very tired ! but did you yes the 2bigmacs brought with the coupon and 1 time McNuggets me wants even now the 2bigmacs with the spascoupon the fries I make my home then :) But even the mcdonalds fries are also really delicious and taste !

  • Yes, yes, lol ... in the video I have processed all the information and experience of you , my attitude towards it.
    The coupons , Inception , which are at in advertising flyers in the mailbox , which are wrapped in foil , so Rewe , Kaufland , Real, etc. Depending on the season and offer times McD , BurgerK , or Kentucky in it.
    The you can also away from Rüsselsheim to use , but it is somehow restricted by region . But it is what constantly . Most Mc , then burger, on the rarest Kentucky 's inside .
    Complimentary Getränkenachfüllen . In Rüsselsheim you get to the checkout an empty cup , paid for it , then go next to the seating area to the machine and skin as they wish and as often as you want the cup full year is already so far as I know also in Mainz- Kastel, and in others, even in Arnstadt Thuringia it was. Ask at times , if you could make several times at this home, laughing .
    If you want I'll send you a full sheet , because I got three, two here with me , one for me, one for with my late grandmother a year ago , but still stands at the bell , and my mother bring me whatever because my parents most ( ! ) go once a year to Mc . Burger and Kentucky never , or once every 5 years . Jumbo , veggie burgers I've never eaten (!) .
    Then rather , with peppers and a sauce made with cheese mixed to Dutt after home soil , where there is the best meatloaf in the world with hollandaise sauce. Yesterday, we were not there, was yes, but today on Friday, I'll go back to mother, father did come yesterday from the hospital, we bring what questionable whether he can eat anything at all after dialysis .
    I schmeiss the coupon sheets indeed mostly gone , because I 'd rather do like Jumbo and you also my own burger , here also called meatloaf or patties yourself. Since everything is fresh and I can do my Leerdammer cheese or wild garlic cheese on , sometimes sweet cucumber or egg , whatever you want. In reality at the cheese counter , I sometimes get me , depending on your money , Old Amsterdam , a friable , but ingenious cheese , especially when it is melted.
    And the Mayo Mc and Mc ketchup I've now seen again in the net , but the mini bottles are too expensive , and determines flavor enhancers are also there back in there. Then prefer to take Heinz Ketchup , BBQ, and cheaper mayo, remoulade, or even crème fraiche. Top with cream sauce with mushrooms . Madness , so delicious .
    I like to eat Chinese cabbage, and tomatoes , which I've already taken , and especially the healthy , steamed onions round out the flavor.
    Ins minced garlic I like to do well in, brushing the veins and is also very healthy.
    Yes, it is nothing more than homemade burgers, served with boiled potatoes and peas and carrots . Gorgeous! ! !

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  • hope your father better and what it can eat, but of course should not be greasy at the beginning but easily the clear!
    And the mc donalds mayo tastes all right from dre bottle even if some costs , both of which are manufactured by Develey which also produces the famous mustard ! But the ketchup vobn mcdonalds is just like any other except heinz with tomato paste concentrate sozusagne , and heinz has only pure tomatoes in it and you can taste it ! there but auc heinz fritensauce available at burger king , which is now also available in the supermarket irgendwoe I 've read ! which is also 1a ! Abe also cheap mayo can do it , have from the Rewe brand which since and that is ok too ! :) Good sauces and a great mustard there also bold way , though is not cheap but for good! And if you like it spicy then you can also buy from heinz the hot sauce and tabasco is also good, I like the baller me stop often times where pure while sauch for the liver and the stomach suw is healthy! but also tastes good , especially in the goulash !
    the content materials of a mcdonalds mayho are by the way : Ingredients / Ingredients:

    vegetable oil ( 79%) , egg yolk , vinegar , sugar, salt , spices ( with mustard seeds ) , natural flavor

    mc donalds, like I said is not the manufacturer, but devely is it, but costs just the mayo, otherwise it's already awesome ! thommy The mayo is also not cheap but since you can grab the same because it tastes exactly the same way :)

  • properly, to spit, at mcdonalds mcmuffin liked breakfast burger, tastes really disgusting and I like to eat it never ever! :(

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  • To
    the topic mc donalds haha I must also write times, the burger are already delicious no question. well I naturally find burgerking better.It is more filling and you get more meat for money, but mcdonalds I like of course synonymous. Also Chickennuggets are best At mcdonalds.but everything somehow chemistry bowle, because many tests have shown burger of mcdonalds not even grumbled after a year. The quite funny, also differences from mc donald to mc donald in matters quality I
    have found, at the airport frankfurt are the mc donalds burgers super and also in many cities one gets better quality than somewhere else in the country. the
    stop also run by entrepreneurs under license. At the ffm airport they clapping the in the bigmäc mega much pure salad and the pommes are also not muddy, also nice hot were the burger even there I am great. Because usually the burger only lukewarm, as they are constantly lying around and kept warm. The Mc muffin egg is genuine to spit :) At mcdonalds breakfast I'was a couple of times in america, that is breakfast for the poor :) Since I prefer to eat in a breakfast restaurant and get as much coffee as I like :) Fastfood Can be good in moderation, but healthy is no fastfood at all. beef comes from mass slaughterings and the animals are treated as dirty, one can unfortunately not change. If you want to have eg decent citizens who are not full of chemistry, you can also go to Small burgerchains

    eg in berlin I have heard there are good shops and a well-known also. Also in ffm and in many large cities, one pays more but you get just a juicy burger with best ingredients!