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    Hello, dear forum visitors and members,

    Everyone is welcome in the International Chatter Gallery!

    If you want to join in, just upload your own photos.

    The images should be as large as possible, because they are automatically reduced to the right size, the file format does not matter. Since the Chattergalerie has a high quality standard regarding youth, violence, propaganda and all other illegal content, all images will be checked for illegal content.

    We are not prude, as you can see impressively in the photos, it may also be shown naked skin, just no genitals, no violence, and no political or religious propaganda, just as you can on TV.

    Here are members of the Chattergalerie for which an account has been created in the new gallery software, they can request their password by

    Important is one point: You have to be the owner of the right of use of the sent image. This means that the user has to photograph it himself or have the permission of the photographer to use it.Because there are always people who want to annoy, provoke, or sue others, who take pictures of other people and claim that they never did. Others say they never gave permission to use the image to the uploading person, although they eventually did. In this way, some people are still trying to capitalize on their lives, or their private feuds against others, such as ex-partners, for example.

    If everything is right, then it is also more fun, because we have fun in our photo gallery for a long time, dear picture friends.

    • Official Post

    Hello Cosirex forum friends! Hello everyone with great photos, pictures and screenshots!

    The International Chatter Gallery is there for everyone. Whether good or bad, beautiful or crazy, all that is not a yardstick. Only one thing is certain, Duke's International Chatter Gallery contains an interesting cross-section of the fun, crazy, cool Yahoo-MSN-Skype-Facebook-Twitter-Google-Paltalk-Camfrog-Chatters. Duke started the Chattergalerie with mostly Yahoo and MSN chatters. But due to the big increase and the increasing popularity, all people are taking their photos, who want to show the world something beautiful or crazy, or to meet other people. Because as diverse, so colorful, and different people are, so different and interesting are their pictures and photos. Welcome to Duke's Chat Pictures & Chat Photo Gallery....

    Incidentally, the pictures can be exchanged or deleted at any time, any normal user can set up to 15 photos. :)

  • The photo community with pictures of people from the chats and networks all over the world is really super cool.

    I have also registered in the Chattergalerie. Must always laugh what crazy but also interesting people can be found there.

    Always check the latest photos from the chat.

    More of that. Well done photo network Photo Network!

    "Shaken, not stirred"