Meteorite 🌠 Shooting Star found in Rüsselsheim – July 2013

  • Good day!

    I would like to show you what I found around two weeks ago on 24th July 2013 in the yard. At first I asked myself, "What kind of a strange stone is this, where does it come from one day to another?"

    I picked it up and looked at it from all sides, it is 3.3 cm long in the longest section, smooth on one side, but with mini notches, as if one
    had pierced with a sewing needle a couple of times. The backside is shattered, actually everywhere of optical consistency as if it were brittle, but it is not. It seems to be of homogeneous consistency.

    On the whole it weighs 20.7 grams and has a dark green shimmer.

    In terms of feeling, it is metallic and at the same time like rock, in any case not magnetic, which I have been able to prove by several

    As soon as I had the foundling in my hand I had the feeling that it could be a meteor, not only because I had never seen such a stone
    before, but simply because he was there suddenly and from his whole appearance.

    I was also concerned by the thought that he could not be from a river. Because it is smooth only in a relatively small place. Smooth stones, such as pebbles, are formed over centuries or millennia by grinding with sand in rivers, rivers. Well it could be a break-off, but the weight is way too big for every stone, so the mass ratio gave me puzzles.

    Of course I searched the Internet, and found exactly such stones. Here is a twin of my stone. Remarkable is he is just as big to the 3 cm and has almost exactly the same weight on the gram, and besides the same color, only my is not too completely interlaced and has on one side smooth places.

    The photo of my meteor or stone I attached below in the post, I made the picture on the letter scale. For security reasons, I do not keep it with me, if it is really a meteor, it has of course a value.

    Not far from me is the Treburer Sternwarte, the ? Astronomy Foundation Trebur, also called ? Michael Adrian Observatory, there is one of the largest German telescopes of 1 meter. This is exactly where I want to make my find scientifically evaluate.

    Maybe someone already has an idea here.

    All the best and kind regards

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    Super interesting!!!... Hello Meteor... I think that's real what's going on, it looks like something from an other star, do it, let it examine ... I'm interested in what the investigation brings to light ... let's know .... I'm curious :?::alien::?:

  • :) Is surely one, just have to take care that no alienbaby noise hatching :D :D

  • So that the meteor can be better evaluated and assessed I have uploaded 9 photos and put in the first post. The shooting star is already something interesting. On one side quite smooth, as melted, on the other full furrows and abrasion edges.

    The best is the one place where it is so planar and flat that it can be placed. Take it, it is the impact area, because it is not landed in the sand, but in a backyard with 3 meters high walls and slabs on the floor, only as large as a living room. The backyard is like a funnel that has caught it, and on any of the walls or floor slabs, it is slammed when its surface is still annealed and deformable.

    I've searched the Internet and found a collector of meteors / shooting stars I've emailed the post here in the forum. The expert said it could also be a fire. But, I can send him the so-called stone, and he would then take a corner with the diamond cutting-edge grinder to examine it. Exactly one could not say so, but it could really be a meteor.

    I think it is one. Bring him, as I said before, to the Sternwarte to Trebur, instead of sending him across Germany, not knowing what I got back in the end. Jewelers have already been interested in meteorites / shooting stars, who take small pieces and sell people the dream of all dreams, which in the end will not come true, laugh. I did not fulfill my desire to clear the jackpot in the lottery last weekend of 27 million. But it's a fascinating thing.

    Only the idea that he was perhaps older than the Earth, who had been on the road for millions of years, and had gone endless distances, is all very exciting. Although, the equality to the Tatahouine is so extreme, I say that come to 90% of the same origin. Have read, the predominant comets have origins, which have already been explored by science, and one knows quite exactly which cosmic origin they have.

    He is of weight, mass and size exactly like his twin, which I linked up in the first post. The same are so perfect, both almost exactly 3 cm tall, and also have the same weight. Hello, if that is not, then I eat it. :popcorn:

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    Dried shit from an airplane?

    My girlfriend from Berlin is here and threw an interesting point of view into the discussion about the meteor of Rüsselsheim. She
    thought that the Meteor would be no one, but a piece of "shit", which had gotten into the engine of the aircraft through the toilets of an
    airplane, by the many airplanes that daily sped over Rüsselsheim-Königstädten, Nauheim, Trebur, Raunheim, Flörsheim,...

    The ultra-hot-dried-petrified and thrown directly by the engine into the yard of "Meteor". So to speak, from the plane (my personal expression).

    I asked her to smell at the stone, or to lick what she did not. Nevertheless, she insisted on her opinion that the meteor, the beloved shooting star, was burned "shit."

    Question: "Does burnt airplane engine shit look greenish-shimmering?" Well, no.
    Does the stone smell of shit? No! I've tested it myself.

    So I continue to believe it is a real meteor aka shooting star, from the vastness of the universe.

    Burned shit looks really different.

    Many greetings from the sunshine of the world - Rüsselsheim am Main

    Oh, by the way, it's just the book fair in Frankfurt am Main, where the third-largest airport in Europe is. We are going there today, for the purpose of a closer examination of the environment, to reflect the theory of burnt shit.

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    I have rarely laughed so much as now that I read it. Probably she is also right with the theory, one does not believe what comes down from heaven so. Have often heard such theories, which are frozen and petrified piece of shit ... from the aircraft toilet. A beautiful shooting star ... laughing, grinning. Be not sad, perhaps even something right from the top comes into your garden...ha, ha, ha :gem:

  • Mr. Gabler of
    the Trebur Secretariat, after initial contact with the director of the Michael Adrian observatory, agreed to take a look at the meteorite, the
    "Königstädter Sternschnuppe", and to make a brief preliminary estimate of whether it was really and truly true Meteorites, or whether it is normal earth rock.

    Said and done. On the eve of May 1, 2014, exactly the public attendance day of the Sternwarte Trebur, namely Wednesday, my Berlin girl friend and I went to Trebur. Our first visit there, and by far not the last.

    The director of the visitors' event, Mr ?, as well as Mr Gabler, as well as an interested guest, examined the stone visually and physically. According to the first estimate, Mr Gabler does not point to an astronomical origin but rather to basalt.

    More later...

  • This meteor where you have found, which is what I find especially! But he can carry all sorts of space substances in and out of himself. You should be careful when you touch it, and you certainly have it without gloves ...