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  • I doesn't have an Iphone. More I like smartphones with Android, Samsung oder Htc smartphone :) My last one I destroyed when I was drunken,was so stupid and angry to throw it on the ground !Others also like to do the same shit and then posting this shit on youtube ;)

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    I use iPhone 6s and 5s before that. Have it brought me only because of the improved camera, otherwise I find Apple overpriced.
    Think you pay only the name "Apple". They should better their devices to sell cheaper grade of Mac is pointlessly expensive, almost ridiculously expensive. What shoud that? Electronics for millionaires when the company is the mentality, then Apple will lose everything sooner or later.
    This exaggerated usury prices of Apple have nothing to do with the company's mentality, with the credo, and with the will of Steve Jobs. He always wanted to make devices for all people, all people have access to Internet and high-tech.
    Back to basics, love Apple corporate users, developers and managers.
    The secret of sustainable business success has never and never located in quick profits and easy money, but to give access to the products in the business practices all people in the world.
    Today's philosophy of business and marketing is so corrupt and spiritually corrupt that it is only logical that all its Corporate go to the wall. Success lies in giving and giving, never in the rip, stultification, and Verarsche.
    Where the soul is missing because no long-term gains are retracted...

  • Apple is overpriced real, and you pay for here the most is not the technology but the name "Apple".
    Because of Chesed is right, and you can come with Android devices cheaply away and also usually has besser.You have by Android the advantages which are from Google, and therefore one has many advantages and Android overhauled the system of Apple!
    Samsung also offers good smartphones that are not cheap also but partly for drin.Pay for very cool technology does one always more than the production costs!

  • My preference applies only Apple. Since the days of the Apple I use the Macintosh. He has always accompanied me both professionally and personally excellent and competent. I am aware of other manufacturers such as Windows, although I prefer Apple.

    „Viel Eifer, viel Irrtum; weniger Eifer, weniger Irrtum; kein Eifer, kein Irrtum.“
    Lin Yutang: Zài jīnghuá yānyún ❂ 在京華煙雲 ❂ Momente in Peking

  • Buy Apple products means to buy quality at high prices. Are Apple prices justified? Hm, yooo...
    Clever people from the worldwide developer community hulls grin nose .. sure is one: Apple sold a bit overpriced. Apple has almost a monopoly. Apple could already afford to set its prices to the reality.
    Because, as says the good proverb: Who is accessing high for the stars, will fall deep in the end ...
    The future will show was really endure, think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would be here an opinion:
    "Innovate for all people, not just for the rich, but make a great, technological solutions for the whole world available."
    These were the former principles for the Internet giants.
    On the horizon is waiting a gigantic dark cloud on it to plunge the world into a new evil that is called as: The great Internet bubble will burst. We can not live in a dream world of illusion. Food growing in the field and must be gerntet, food and food is no button or Avatar to the one times can click precisely, so that the lunch is on the table. Virtual reality, 3D glasses, Clouds and apps provide no work and no pay, except for a handful of developers, designers, advertisers and sales employees.
    The value of the Internet is a bubble that has no real real value.
    There are only three real values on Planet Earth that there are called "Worker Immobbilien and raw materials".
    Everything we have today in the world, a huge poverty gap is from rich to the poor. Only on this fact rests the power and the wealth of the 1st world countries, also called developed countries.
    The big Internet bubble is about to burst before it, and the whole world, probably and hopefully shoot even humanity itself into the abyss. If the people of this horror scenario that will certainly occur survive, then people will learn to live again with Stone Age clubs. All progress will be like never dagesen.
    The game start anew.
    What people learn from it: Of course not. Power and greed have won anyway at the peak of human history again, a paradisisches life, the handle to the life on other stars, the colonization of the universe will remain an eternal dream.
    It was so close, and yet so far.

    Lasse nie zu, dass du jemand begegnest, der nicht nach der Begegnung mit dir glücklicher ist.
    Mutter Teresa