NEW - International Chat Gallery - RESTART

  • Dear friends, guests and members,
    Welcome everybody in the International Chat Gallery!
    Those who like to want to come up with, can send your pictures to This email, which is also available in the gallery at the top.
    The photo size is 6 MB and 6000 x to great photos to load 6000 pixels more than adequate to the web gallery, the avatar in the user profile is automatically scaled to the right size.
    Since the Chatter gallery has high quality standards, what youth, violence, propaganda protection, also called illegal content are tested all the images on illegal content.
    We are not a prude, as you can see on the impressive photographs, it must also be shown bare skin, only no genitals, violence, political and religious propaganda, it is subject to all applicable legal opinion.
    By sending one automatically agrees to the terms of use.
    In the early days of Chatter gallery as the photos were sent even with e-mail and were set individually, it was compulsory to express permission in a sentence with date and time to publish the pictures in the gallery.
    Today it is important as in the past: The uploader must be the holder of the rights of use of the transmitted images. This means the user has the photo photographed by himself, or to have the permission of the photographer for further use.
    Because there are always people annoy the other, provoke, or want to sue, which adjust their images and then they claim have never given permission to do so.
    To ensure that everything is within the legal framework and also more fun, love friends pictures.

  • Hello Photo-Friends! Hello philanthropists! Hello to all people with great photos, images and screenshots!
    The International Chatter Gallery is there for everyone.
    Whether good or bad, beautiful or crazy, that there is no scale, no criterion. Only one thing is certain, the International Chatter gallery of Duke shows an interesting cross-section of the funny, crazy, cool Yahoo-MSN-Skype Facebook-Twitter-Google-Paltalk-Camfrog-Chatter.
    The Chatter gallery began with the photos of mainly Yahoo and MSN chatters. But
    by the faster growing number of photos and rising popularity today
    invite all people highly their photos, who want to show something
    beautiful or crazy the world, and to meet new people. Therefore, it has long been not only gallery for more chatter, but for all men.
    As varied, so colorful, and so different people are so interesting your images and photos.
    Welcome to the Duke's Chat Chat Pictures & Photo Gallery.
    The images can incidentally be replaced at any time or deleted, any user can set up to 20 photos.
    Perhaps there will soon be the premium services that make more pictures and albums possible.
    The Gallery adapts to the needs of users. :)