Exciting, new, scary videos about reptilians and Aliens!

  • Bring your kids away before watching this!
    Beings from another dimension creating more and more power in this world, I feel her presence and her strength!
    Wars as in Syria are just the beginning, now Turkey begins to make demonstrations and all that is pushed by these creatures!
    War, hatred, violence, something people feel not only these beings produce it! Whenever you carry hate in itself they are responsible for anger etc and they want to destroy the Divine!
    They want us to blindly follow them and more and more people are coming under the full control of these beings, make them killers and people into monsters!
    Reptilians have the DNA of mankind with their race crossed yet, and many species have more reptilian DNA than human!
    This reptilian have power over the body of this person, they were also seen under the ground where they live and were then laid out big, half-man half-reptilian with cock!

  • Hallo Inception,
    here I would like to read more, hear, see. For it is my opinion only people like us, who through education, living conditions, some diseases such as inbreeding, with the nobles to trace up to the Roman emperors, who were all blond or red-haired, just by inbreeding that evil in each of can be awakened us. It just depends on how much the soul, others call it character, to resist.
    Also in me came up feelings, especially when I was younger, to kill someone or even kill someone prominent, so something like the attacks in the marathon in Boston, or 9.11.2001. But first, the human mind, but especially the belief in goodness and God, and the goodness of man have destroyed these thoughts approaches in a few hours.
    Forget 'not that great historical things, like Christianity, the Reformation by Martin Luther, peasant uprisings, crusades either have nothing at geändern, or the positive change the world.
    Reptiles beings I do not believe a piece, but evil is nonexistent, in each of us, and just every day we can choose what we are and what we do. Just as each addict every day is a new decision, either to stay clean, or to indulge in the habit.
    But reptiles are like mythical creatures, fairies, elves, ghosts and so on ... No one has ever seen, but always pure interpreted much in Cloudscape, where figures appeared. Have I seen a few days ago and again on a weather map in a TV face. Random .., as well as figures in the coffee grounds. If you water Shakers test comes in dirt eventually getting a face out, a brush ...

  • Bring your kids down in the cellar, in the basement, and imprision them! There are several eyewitnesses! Reptilians have no emotions! Put your kids in arrest, and the neighbours kids, too!

    Reptiles Beings - Damned - Kill yourself before THEY will kill YOU ! ! !

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    Original videos of Alien / Reptilians, the best videos of eyewitnesses.

  • Real Reptilians - Burn your houses before THEY do it - Real Brutal
    Harmish - Detrimental - Prejudicial - Injurious - Noxious
    Shocking Doku about reptilian beings

    This is a complete unmasking of the hologram on this Governor of South Carolina
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