♫ Lana Del Rey - Video Games ♫

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    Lana del Rey is music forever... Music for love and eternity... Enjoy the amazing music of Lana del Rey, which touches your soul...

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  • You also like Lana del Rey for good, Duke? My mother also goes for Lana del Rey, she reckon the singer totally for great! Lana del Rey also had alcohol problems once, and in her songs she sings a lot about her emotions.

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    That's right, I have to agree with you, Lana Del Rey looks like a barbie doll, in present. I'm not sure, but act her lips sprayed. And it lends itself as a newcomer already the glamor of Marilyn Monroe,
    Should they prove themselves next time they can what. "Unplugged" we call it, no souped-up studio performance.
    In Wikipedia I read her biography, there is written that her father has something to do with media or internet. I mean: "Hellooo", in her first video which made her extreme popular "Video Games", the Super 8 films or video scenes, or which that are trimmed to Super 8 style, supposed to be of her youth, all of that can't have made by herself. Either, someone focuses on singing, or on professional video editing, both together, impossible! Except she is multitalented on these things. Super talent Lana del Rey!
    All of this looks very much like the helping hand of her father, Papa del Rey, or other professionals.
    Arnie, aka Inception, you write, she has already had alcohol problems at a young age, I think that's an curious hoax to make Lana del Rey even more popular.
    I've posted her videos, firstly because of Lana del Reys great music which is almost emotional and epic, regardless of who is really responsible for the perfection of the music video (perhaps super-producers like Dieter Bohlen or Frank Farian here from germany), and also of the reason she can controversially be discussed. I like to post her videos to hear and see Lana del Rey, her music, but at the same time, it seems like the person Lana del Rey ist artificially created, like a Hollywood star, or like kids in these kind of children's talent shows. Where parents reflect their own wishes and lost chances of their own lifes on the crazy building up puppets, their childrens, which have no human behaviour and looking anymore.
    In the matter of fact, Lana del Rey is an icon of perfect self-expression, which can be found today in all celebs, begining by Kim Sung and ending by Angela Merkel, sorry, I don't want to disparage our (beloved) chancellor, but it's how it is. Everybody has media consultants, and Lana del Rey is running this until the total excess, motto: "Being a star from 0 to 100 percent in the shortest period of time" Even DSDS (Germany seeks the Superstar) can't follow, lol...

  • I'vee seen older pictures of Dana del Ray, and there she was really pretty! Nowadays, her lips are sprayed and pushed up with Botox, what a shame, really, she has a great voice, in my opinion, but on the other side it's not my world!

  • Lana del Rey makes real cool music and she is super great. :musik:
    Don't know what do you want. Hammer music, Hammer voice.

    Liebe ist die stärkste Macht der Welt, und doch ist sie die demütigste, die man sich vorstellen kann.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  • Hello :)

    A really nice but very sad song. She said the song was about the relationship to her ex-boyfriend, in which they both had "a little too cozy". The result was that it became "boring" and both lost their dreams for convenience.