Flying Wingsuit

  • What do you think about this new kind of sports? A Wingsuit is a wingsuit for parachutists and BASE Jumper with areas of fabric between the arms and legs, which act as wings when the air flows under them. Wingsuit jumper require a permission for each jump in countries like germany. Plz, tell me.

  • Hi Inception, this sport is just awesome. I think it's gorgeous. Have of course never done, even bungee jumping I've never done, have a special kind of vertigo. Mountaineering I could not know everything when the earth is still within reach, or in tall buildings I have to desperately hold onto the railing. Flying however, and even skydiving is something else that I would be more likely to trust when secured to the rope to climb a tall tree, or mountains.
    But to your question back to see how cool the birds with their suits, that's what mega great. What I'd like to do, would this James Bond rocket suit, as at the Olympic Games in London, the man da flew's grade fatally injured a few weeks ago, unfortunately, and exactly when Wingsuitflug in the French Alps, I have read in RĂŒsselsheim Echo newspaper. But such an skyrocket thing would be something interesting, because there you have it in your hands, how much and where you fly. Wingsuit is me definitely too dangerous.
    Have in the 80s years in the PM (Peter Moosleitner's magazine, scientific) read that people have survived parachute crashes where the parachute would not open, not even a reserve parachute. One survived because the parachute had wrapped around himself in the crash and he slammed into a haystack on the field. It said, laughing, he said, the last thing even works for something are the ears. He heard his own serve and then lost consciousness. But he survived virtually unharmed. Had comfortable with a guardian angel. PM was, or is, do not know if it still exists, the magazine, super, I've devoured the scientific contributions, as everything was treated and reputable. Had something for you, because there were also aliens, UFO sightings and inexplicable kinds of language. Man that was good. Expensive, but excellent for the general education and more.

  • Is dangerous, that clear, but certainly also the kick. Of course there were many accidents by wingsuit or BASE jumping! In the past, are also bound to the MoseltalbrĂŒcke because who but now made high bars in front that no longer as easy as jumping off!
    Would have liked even skydiving, tied to someone with experience, but that costs a lot of money for sure!
    So looks an accident. Watch it.

    If there arise vents go down fast, have in any case a wingsuit video seen is where that happens! The're all jumped out of the plane, but through an air hole which are collided!
    No one is dead. At the rate reached the Wingsuits that's clear!
    Often even goes over 140 km/h.

  • During my military service I was at an air landing unit. And a fear of heights I have no certainty
    And I know the risks that may arise, e.g. aerodynamics and wind conditions and I can estimate it reasonably.

    But I wouldn't do.
    Fo me it's a little too risky.
    Such Kicks I do not need. I get them somewhere else.


  • Hi Jumbo,
    Of course, now it would be interested where you'll catch your kicks, grinning. Perhaps you tell it some day.
    Best Regards


  • The sport is not a sport, that's murder. For me definitely dangerous. While we like to watch it, Tokarev, but I would still advise against any of them. Funny that the legendary stratosphere jump of Felix Baumgartner, although he came briefly into a tailspin and threatened to crash, has taken place in a more controlled and secure environment in the end. This is safer as wingsuit flyer, like you write they are pressed by unpredictable winds against the rocks in the mountains and come into ventilation holes. This one has no chance and is lost. No sport but it's pure game with death.
    Viele GrĂŒĂŸe :vogel:

    Lasse nie zu, dass du jemand begegnest, der nicht nach der Begegnung mit dir glĂŒcklicher ist.
    Mutter Teresa