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    List disposable email addresses to lock out spammers with Trash Email addresses in forums and communities
    Each community operator, each board operators, each blog operator knows that pesky spammers that are often difficult to grasp because they register with fake emails. Some spammers sign up even several times a day with junk email addresses and spamming your site fully.
    Reserved Maillist

    Remedy against spammers by premature lockout protection by email

    No more registration possible with the

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    Type Description Hazard Potential [1-10]
    365/12/24/60 Hardcore Chatter
    Well, so to speak, chat addiction in perfection!
    As a rule, they are housewives or unemployed people who are online 24 hours a day, and always reachable.
    They are the chatting addicts and do not leave an opportunity to emphasize daily that those who are not to be afraid of Real Life can be deplored. They are sorry for themselves.
    This genus Chatter should urgently see a doctor.
    Frustrated chatter
    The frustrated

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    Dear Internet users, computer enthusiasts, Cosirex members and visitors!!

    Here the key combination of the four special characters - Copyright © - Sound Recording Copyright Symbol (Phonogram) - Unregistered Trademark - Registered Trademark ® - Service Mark

    If you want to make it quite easily, can simply copy the following special characters at the end of this sentence and put in your post or in any text file or message. © ℗ ™ ® ℠

    Especially for the members who introduce here their own works

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