Amazing paintings and artwork by Helmut Salomon [Sareu2002]

  • In the next postings I show you my artworks. If I can not afford any more oil paint, I will buy watercolors. If I have no more money for watercolors, I'll ask for pencils. If the pencils are out, and you throw me in jail, I spit on my finger and paint on the wall.

    Once stood there up to 200 mg hihihi Duke you'll sparingly * laugh *

  • AIDS Painting
    I wanted to paint a picture about AIDS, I thought it is a current issue. In what form do you paint AIDS? I thought of the secret laboratory in North America, which is a laboratory for the production of biological weapons. Since it has only the hazard class 4 and it's up to the Hazard Class 8, this biological warfare weapon is not so bad, dangerous. This battle weapon was then tested on prisoners, which we were given their freedom. On top of the image that is a test tube is to be seen with HIV contaminated blood. Then the mushroom cloud of Hiroshima and the center of the cemetery of Vietnam. For the culture I thought to equip the „Statue of Liberty“ with a large package in his hand Bazoca-Gum. The States of North America were already terrorism in Japan, Germany, Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam, Italy, China, Panama, Philippines, Iran, Guatemala, Cuba, Indonesia, Tibet, Singapore, Chile, Congo, Bolivia, Laos, Brazil, Iraq, Granada, Mexico, Afghanistan, Greenland and other countries! Today, the style of the Americans: Bin Laden dead or alive, where is the justice? I would love to have peace in my world and the world of my children.

  • a slightly smaller image, title Holy Lischen Müller =)) someone of the university Nuremberg, Germany wanted to buy it for 8.000 DM (German Mark) but didn't want to give it away, just good so holy holy holy hypocritical are the girls from next door! 14 to 16 inches

  • Why are there now 2 pictures?

    Note from the webmaster: Since I did't get the image of your colored beauty, the double image was automatically removed from the Attachments...

  • Dear good webmaster, now you haven't to make the child safety items only because of art, =)) my grandma always went to church because to see porns of naked men (angels)!
    I begin to sing the holy holy holy hypocritical are the girls!
    The picture is called "White linen vest" and who has already something like this?
    Acryl, pencil and 0.20 carat diamond on carton 19:21 inches!

  • Unbelievable but real...Sareu can really make paintings...Super paintings and artwork, Dear Sareu, if you want we'll make together a nice web gallery with these images...

  • :hahaha: I just have to laugh. When I look at the pictures of Sareu and read his comments. As he writes when his grandma went to church to look naked men, the angels. This is weird and funny. :hahaha: