What is a “Dirty Fix”?

  • Explanation of Dirty Fix

    Dirty Fix is a "Dirty Troubleshooting", a rescue, or an emergency patch.

    Dirty Fix sounds absolutely the opposite of what it really is.

    A dirty fix is a developer solution that is programmed at short notice to fix a specific problem as quickly as possible, or to close a security hole. Dirty fixes are mostly in the software area, but also in the hardware of all devices.

    The word is so widely defined that it can be used for all work, production, and even living areas.

    The following is an illustrative comparison:

    If one has a hole in the water pipe, or in the fuel line, a dirty fix would be the following solution: The pipe is sealed with adhesive tape or other sealing material. Thus the water, or the fuel, can continue to flow, the supply is saved and the car drives. After that the real fix is made, which is the complete repair and
    repair of the line by the installer, the vehicle of the mechanic, who
    exchanges the line, and the problem fixed in the long term.

    "Dirty fixes" are fast, sometimes provisional solutions in the computer language, to keep systems or software running and running. Troubleshooting in the fast way without deep integration tests with environmental dependencies.

    Under no circumstances is a "dirty fix" necessarily an inferior solution, often from a dirty fix the later official troubleshooting, so to speak the final update. In contrast to pipeline systems, the software development requires as
    much knowledge and competence as possible for the interaction and system integrity in the provisional solution that the preliminary troubleshooting of the final version must already be very similar.

    With the word "Dirty" for "Dirty", there are, unfortunately, too many negative associations and comparisons that one is inclined to interpret too much negatives in this term.

  • Explanation of Dirty Fix

    Dirty Fix is a "Dirty Troubleshooting", a rescue, or an emergency patch.

    "If a dirty fix is realized with a shake, you should definitely activate the kscript with the zthread"