Mickey Mouse stamp with swastika on military letter in Third Reich - WW2 - Buy it!

  • Unbelievable, but true!
    The fate of a german Navy soldier in Second World War was incomprehensible like his background: Field mail letters with a Micky Mouse stamp, a Micky Mouse figure of the first generation of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, the trickfilm drawer of Walt Disney's first Micky Mouse Film.
    The field mail letters are from navy soldier Heinrich Friedrich from Königstädten, who sent them from far away in the sea to his parents. His job was a hard one in the second world war, he had to defuse water mines.
    Remarkable, as well as the Mickey Mouse military letter itself has its his own tragic destiny.

    In 1943 the military ship of navy soldier Heinrich was fighting in the Black Sea. He had applied for home leave, which was also approved in order to marry his bride Elfriede Höwedes in the distant home of Königstädten. This small village next to Rüsselsheim near of big city Frankfurt am Main in Hesse, Germany.

    By long-distance wedding the young couple had already been married a few days before. Long distance wedding is my personal translation of ”Fernhochzeit”, which means that this are weddings of soldiers who can't come home during war. But the german administration by Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich wanted to make it possible that soldiers can marry, that for example pregnant women could legally get their babies. It was a hard times the whole world, and mostly in Germany in those days.

    However, he did not return from his very last assignment, the water mine exploded in defusing. What a tragedy - what a fate.

    The equally moving Death of Heinrich Friedrich, nicknamed "Heiner", is in the gallery of @Chesed the album "History of the Second World War".

    Photos of the scanned envelops are in the buttom!

    Two opposites united - Micky Mouse and Swastika
    They are irreplaceable historical artifacts or exhibits (exaggerated almost relics) in two areas: The world-famous comic figure Micky Mouse, with its inventor Walt Disney and illustrator Ub Iwerks, as well as the insignia of the Third Reich and the cruel Second World War.
    How inconceivable that the german military letter with an insignia of the enemy could be admitted and sent.
    An incredible and fascinating contrast in these plain military letters.
    These Micky Mouse military letters unite the culture of America and the history of Germany.
    The Micky mouse envelopes also bear the stamp with Reichsadler and swastika.
    My family wants to sell a part of the military letters bearing a Micky Mouse stamp, to make them inclined prospects and thus possibly also to the public. It is about 6 military letters, two in blue envelopes, four in white. A white-colored military letter has the stamp even on the front and back.

  • A wonderful, but also very tragic story. The war was unnecessary and cruel, many young people, many older and children have had to leave their lives and for what? No, this is never to happen again.
    Kind regards

    "Manche Menschen sind wie dunkle Wolken, wenn sie verschwinden scheint die Sonne"

  • The story of the last mission has been lost almost as in the movies, a sad story. Nevertheless, I believe that such tragedies happened a thousand times in war, according to 70 million dead in the Second World War. These are fates that can hardly be more sad. A touching story. Could you write book about it.
    The postcards of the soldier, he is so beautiful. If I had enough money I would also buy one envelope.

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  • This makes his fate all the more remarkable as the wedding and death round off the tragedy exactly one day before the journey home.
    Thus one can say that his fiance changed the status of bride or wife to widow in a few days. A fate that can be considered as a symbol of the meaninglessness and contempt for humanity of the Second World War.
    Today marriage, overmorning death.
    Well, unfortunately the fates are uncounted in their gravity of this time, on all sides, world-wide, and independent of rank, name, religion, condition, age, health, and social status.
    This is the hardness of every war.

    "Shaken, not stirred"

  • Normally I'm no interested in such a shit from the second world war and Hitler.
    For such a thing I am too young. But history brings me goose bumps. Really crass what some people have experienced.
    Like the fate of Titanic. Fits somehow I think. ;(