Japanese Omelette Recipe - Tamagoyaki - Meister der Kochkunst

  • A masterpiece of Japanese cookery shows how easy, but perfect in every detail, a Japanese omelette is cooked. Amazing video while watching as artistic works only with wooden sticks (chopsticks) and turns in the pan performs, fast, safe, and stunning.
    The Japanese omelette "Tamagoyaki" is called "Fried egg" in English. A simple name for a culinary feast, when you see the ingredients.

  • Hello,

    are these omelets what is also known as Okonomiyaki? With pasta and vegetables and such a delicious sauce??


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  • Yea, dear Cosirex Forum Friends,
    It is a masterpiece of culinary art, this Japanese omelette, called "Tamagoyaki", this is also a touch of magic, sorcery feel, especially the filigree work is impressive. When the cook had never done anything else in his life to prepare as a delicious omelettes.
    Want to know what else he can otherwise. :lecker: Delicious, even if you're watching is a true that tastes delicious, probably hard to beat ..

    "Okonomiyaki" it's not, for the word Okonomiyaki it is another term for "At choice" "fried", or "grilled. "It seems even egg to be in it, but in different variants with vegetables, pasta, meat, fish, so infected also the word "At choice" in it.
    This is the Okonomiyaki-Wikipedia Link.
    It is also to make in other countries custom at Easter an omelet. In Poland, the omelet with Cabanossi, chives, parsley, onions fried. Or the Lumberjack breakfast in Canada and USA with bacon and onions.
    Wow, I really want to taste this thing, best prepared personally from exactly this cooking ...

  • Believe that I know that will taste so good! The Japanese cook really good and never waste food. How it tastes so? I like to eat everything that is exotic, and what is try something new always good :-)