Watching a whale on Lake Tegel

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    2011. Berlin. Lake Tegel. The tourist ship Moby Dick is leaving the harbour.


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    Hello Shakini,
    you show us a great video, that's top. How many passengers can ride? Well, doesn't matter, you can read it on the website.
    Great fun driving with Moby Dick. It's unbelievable what you can do in Berlin. Berlin presented as something special. Excellent!
    I'm also happy to come to Berlin again.

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    Hallo Duke... :del:
    The Moby Dick is a passenger ship sailing on the Berlin inland waters for the shipping company Star and Kreisschiffahrt GmbH. The name '' Moby Dick 'is indicative of the appearance of the ship. It is similar in its construction with a Walmaul, flanked by deceptively real teeth in which the passengers can also stop, and his riesgen tail fin, a real whale.
    The Moby Dick operates to a schedule on the Spree, the Havel and Lake Tegeler See, dabe also the beautiful Brandenburg.
    The technical specifications of this inland waterway ship built 1972 by Büsching & Rosemeyer in Vlotho are:
    Length: 48,27 meters Width: 8,20 meters Passengers according to admission: 400 Persons


  • hahaha looks like a whale *LOL* cool thing :) So I'd like to go with it, too ;)