♫ Dieter Bohlen - Superstar, Composer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Emcee ♫

  • The versatile musician, composer, songwriter and entertainer Dieter Bohlen from Hamburg.
    Unfortunately, I introduce him too late in Cosirex Musikforum, but as they said: "The last will be the first..." Without doubt Dieter Bohlen is among the first and best, as a musician, as a gifted composer, and as a fantastic songwriter. His talent as an entertainer, emcee and member of the jury of Germany's biggest talent shows are further milestones in the endless creativity of its many facets.
    He started with "Modern Talking" in the 1980s by full and won everything you can win as a musician. But almost no one who does not come from the music industry, didn't know at that time when it was quiet around Modern Talking and the successful pop duo "Dieter Bohlen" and "Thomas Anders" stopped their companionship, that Dieter demonstrated his talent in a huge creative latitude as a composer and songwriter for artists and groups of different music genres.
    He discovered, among other things "CC Catch", composed and wrote for them, by the way he was the leader of the pop group "Blue System" for a short time. Dieter Bohlen wrote and composed for almost all kinds of music, no matter if it is pop, rock, pop or folk music, perhaps even classical music.
    In any event, Dieter Bohlen became one of the leading composers and songwriter nationally and internationally.
    This impressive career I want to introduce here.
    Would also like to show amazing photos, but catch up with the lengthy route, the approval of his management is very time consuming, and I also like to repeat myself, but the best way to introduce music artists and bands is when they do it by their own. Finally, it is the best way to make yourself well-known anmd in the best way. For Dieter Bohlen's career it's not necessary, he has already reached the top...

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  • Here the song "Schwerelos" (Weightless) from the eponymous album reached No. 1 on the German album charts, written by Dieter Bohlen and impressive beautifully sung by the great singer "Andrea Berg".

  • Yes, the dieter, with a sharp tongue, which often overshoot times over's goal. Some comments in his shows are almost inhumane, and also do not like it. One made his times at the casting in the pants, and drew its Dieter fear and fright into ridicule. I lay it there on the tongue to say "Well Dieter than was broken with you, and you, and I think it was a family member here, Were then held by the burglars at bay, na, you hurry there also in the pants gepullert, or even shitting? ".
    Some people stay cool in violence, others from the camera. But he maintains by its image, and the "beast" in the talent shows were fooled by their inventor, the Englishman "Simon Fuller". Globally, in each of these talent shows as a "bad person" to better an "enfant terrible", the snide, sometimes unjustified, and especially offensive remarks settles. The part of the concept of broadcasts.
    But is and remains the undisputed superstar Dieter Bohlen, next to Jack White, Ralph Siegel, and a few other music megastars, whether publicly or in secret.

  • My opinion about Dieter Bohlen is not ready for printing.
    But as a musician and producer, he happens to be absolutely successful.
    That's not to shake it.

    That so many people to concepts like these casting shows and deliver everything happening
    is more a product of social developments. Since then meet two aspects and complement each other.
    Mr. Bohlen can all just practicing because offer always what (despite plenty of lesson)
    Hence my sympathy is kept within limits
    And in the end earn only two parties: the tv station and Dieter Bohlen.

  • Absolutely, Jumbo, demand determines supply. Sitting addition home the million which, instead of perhaps socially involved, or to go in clubs, like earlier today by poor working conditions, increasing Price, stress, and overwork are rubbing their hands and let their glee free rein.
    Also some kind of valve. No good, but the viewing figures give the producers even a free hand. As you say, once the as who offer themselves, even though they know what can flourish them, then the producers because they take exactly, among other things, lining up stupid and viewers who want to see that stuff. Lach. How crazy can the world be?
    But we often hear of good journalists who investigate partially secret that at all shows, I mean now, for example, Farmer Wants a Wife, jungle camp, etc not so much is how it is presented. The old theme, never trust what you see in film, TV, theater...