♫ Tribute to Amy Winehouse ♫

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    We honor the great music of Amy Winehouse, the day before yesterday, on Saturday, 23.07.2011, probably from an overdose of ketamine (horse anesthetic) or alcohol she died they write in newspapers.
    In this song, she sings that she does not need "Rehab" (rehabilitation), to German "no withdrawal", she lived, what she sang, and so she had to die...

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  • Super song by Amy Winehouse. Not one of the best songs ever. She was cool. Too bad about it.
    Today was even an obituary in the newspaper by an unknown person, one small but one fine.
    Must have been great fans of her.
    Greets Lotta

    Lasse nie zu, dass du jemand begegnest, der nicht nach der Begegnung mit dir glücklicher ist.
    Mutter Teresa