♫ UB 40 - Kingston Town (Kinsteerer Kermis Song) ♫

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    UB 40 - Kingsten Town - The Kinsteerer Kermis Song - Kermis and funfair in Königstädten

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    A touch of history of Königstädten
    We call the village Königstädten Kingston Town, it sounds like the same...the place I love..the place I belong to be...yea yea yea...
    Kermis in Kingston Town...thanks to the great song of UB 40 in memory of the wonderful people of Kinsteere.
    This weekend is kermis time in Königstädten, which seems to be bigger every year. There are actually people who live for example in America, and yet every year, and they did it for decades, if kermis or fair or fest of dedication is celebrated like now, many come back to where their roots belong.
    The kermis has in Königstädten, as well as in neighboring Nauheim, a great tradition and was supported by the fire department, which has built up the Christmas market in the 1980s from the baptism, and the fruit and horticultural club, and of course the sports clubs.
    Kermis guys (kermis fellows), youngsters around sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old are dressed in green from Allemania sports club and football club, in red from the inn and ballroom "The Crown", and formerly in blue from the gymnastics club. So there is the "Green" and "Red" kermis guys in beautiful Königstädten, called by the younger generation "Kingstentown" or "Kingston" or "Kingsten" ...
    kermis olééééé ...
    "Kinsteerer kermis is' now, the people are so glad...", an ancient kermis song...

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    Hello Duke...your description is nice...now I know what "kermis" is...in Berlin they call it "funfair" or "Rummel"...but it's nearly the same...The idea is great...people meet...there is much to see, you can pass the time, meet nice people, listen to music and, and, and...over the time I didn't like the loud noise and the crazy crowds of people around me, where no walkinging through is possible...now Christmas markets come again...I like it very much...Truly Yours... :super: