Searching for german woman to marry

  • Dear lady from Germany,
    would you like to know more about you and learn to love you, spend time together and simply enjoy life.
    I'm always respectful, tender and sensitive.
    My name is Rafae, born in 1965, I'm from beautiful Egypt at the Mediterranean Sea.
    An earlier marriage with a german woman was unfortunately not met by luck, the reason why we got divorced.
    I'm willing myself to settle down with you, dear unknown entity, also in Germany. The only important thing is love and respect, I can work anywhere in the world.
    You will understand that I am only interested in a serious relationship, marriage included in future.
    So, I am hopeful that you will find me.

    • Official Post

    Hello Rafae,
    Your marriage application I find written great. You have my hopes and wish you all the luck and success in finding your woman, lady, or girl.
    Let's say in better words, wish you great success in being found.

  • No, someone who was horny and charming. He has lived in Egypt, or does it, even he is not already sleeping in bed with a german woman in his arms, or even worse doing. Hahaha.
    I know this guy well from Yahoo Chatrooms.
    Nah, he is a very dear person. He had been married to a german, but divorced. He was so enthusiastic about german girls that he only wants german girls forever, if his statements are true?
    I already think, he was an honest skin and was often attacked for his search for german women, even though he is absolutely funny, nice and very friendly.
    He also was more german-like as we germans are, laugh... No, he really is someone which you like to have for a friend. Unfortunately, unlucky in love.

    "Shaken, not stirred"