Germanwings Crash - Europe's Biggest Lie - Plane Crash Is Terrorist Attack

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    The truth shall be concealed at all costs.
    No Panic. Never have a panic!
    No reduction in air travel business. No holiday flight failures. We continue in everyday business.


    We go anywhere in the world in a starfighter or military plane and fly into the heart of Europe in the Alps and get you out of the sky. No one will be able to be save anymore.
    We are your fear.

    We descend in Damascus, in North Africa, in the east, west, north or south in a military plane and shoot you from the sky in just a few hours.

    At the end of the drama and the disaster of Boeing 777 plane crash in the French Alps it's a matter of fact: The cause was not the one that they were trying to make us believe.
    All proofs are only fallacies, all to disguise just tokenism to the truth once again.
    All of it is a lie!
    We will show in chronological order what really happened in the Alps. And in the end it was not a suicide. Witnesses are silenced by threats gentle and cash payments. After only two days, the grinning head of the airline that press conference I've seen live proudly.
    Less than a handful of people heard the real content of the recording of the voice recorder, the senior French prosecutor and the technical staff who were responsible for the evaluation of the recording.
    Quite apart from the following models employed me only two minor things for normal people. Once the grin the entire facial expressions and gestures of the Chief of Germanwings, gestures and facial expressions again the German Chancellor and the French President.
    I see this only from the psychological, psychoanalytic better perspective. The first head of the airline Germanwings, bursting with happiness and inner contentment of the world finally to be able to very quickly present the cause of the accident. His eyes, his whole demeanor radiated only one out: So here you have the cause. You are happy, we are happy. Nobody is asking. in few days, the book is closed. We can devote the day to day business us again. Not against managers conduct in general. A billion dollar company wants and needs to be done taut.
    But I was missing was the moment, the hint of a sympathy with the alleged cause of accidents. Suicid is in itself a bad thing, but there is a meltdown take time just hundreds of people. Since conjured from harmless human feelings and professional outs diseases. since purchased ex-girlfriends are interviewed. As a man of the 21st century did not know: Never ask a (n) Ex, who must always be reported never good.
    There is nothing that does not exist!
    And yet. My gut feeling, and the millions of other people just screams formally, however, does just screams "Fuck. There's something wrong."
    We are not here, unlike other media hype in this matter with assumptions from.
    The evidence and statements are better formulated by others, I may pretend to initiate the direction. The Chancellor, as the French president, I rarely saw so depressed absolutely desillussioniert, almost crushed, as during her visit to the Alps. Both people whom I have for highest respect and recognition, as well as the Spanish politic.
    Again and again I was overwhelmed by the feeling of the question: "Why are so funny Not according to the situation you are mediated in all its appearance neither sorrow, compassion, stunned No. For me, an undercurrent of anger could be felt?.... anger at what or whom? The copilot it could not be. Of this was, at least for us, the unsuspecting public, nothing yet known. But she knew it. They knew the reason already at this moment, with anger to step out in front of the cameras this world, and to tell something that is far from the truth and reality.
    Again and again it was reported: The aircraft was pulverized.
    Do planes crashed into mountains look like that? No! They do not.
    Do peaces of debris of a crush aircraft are scattering over a large area? No! They do not.
    But someone who has seen a shot airplane, or two planes crashed in another at high speed, in real or photos knows exactly what happened here.
    The biggest lie of Europe's present is the lie of the Germanwings flight crash caused by a suicide the copilot! ! !
    Nobody brings the family compassion, who son himself is a victim, like all other victims too. But there are people, who almost drift away by this storm of lies, shitstorm, who was also explicitly promoted and sown by the executives. The conspiracy theories fit into the overall actions of the cover-up of this air disaster.
    The Boeing 777 was shot down by a failure of a MIG, or this was the great plan, or there was a fatal collision. Perhaps hijackers were aboard? The last point I don't believe, but the other reason is true.
    More I think this targeted shooting of Germanwings is a threat to the policy in Europe. The backgrounds are crisis in Ukraine, or like 9/11 a terrorist attack.
    Maybe even a hint, hint of any intelligence, a poorly executed move in world politics.
    This pure horror we all have seen in the face of Angela Merkel and François Hollande, par excellence.
    The other more accurate facts, we all put together.
    Truth and honesty are a great good, we really need because the lie to be true?

    Since ancient times, fear has let happen the strangest deeds - Fear is a great strength, courage the most powerful.

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    Good inspirations in this case. I also think that the truth is not like they want us to believe about the germanwings crash in the Alpes.
    And a shot airplane by terrorists or a conspiracy of scret services and things like that seems to be much more plausible.