Vladimir Putin, you are wise - Twilight of Gods

  • This message is addressed to Vladimir Putin, as well as to all the leaders of the world, whether in business, politics, religion. It is incredible what is happening in Ukraine.
    The normal world population will indeed always sedated with multimedia, TV, music, alcohol, drugs, medicine. The intelligent people know the following truth:
    Already more than 30 years in the past, our geography and social studies teacher told us that between 2020 and 2030 all oil reserves in the world are depleted, all fossil energy sources. I was impressed by the few words and it is deeply present to me, as if he had just said it.
    We normal people going to think about more obvious problems, like raising children, the care of the older family members, apartment, house, yard, and unfortunately, what you look tomorrow on TV, whether to buy a new multimedia device, car, or kitchen, or not.
    But of world politics and its many side effects we do not have to worry us. The people responsible are already addressed. We remember we have less and less money in the bank or in the purse, then say shit, shit, shit, but to the real world that governs and manages us, well, then we want nothing more to know about it. But in the near future this will affect billions of people every day.
    I don't write here of a doomsday scenario, it's been much worse, we have failed 15 years ago to bring the world in the right direction and to turn the coming desaster.
    In reality and short words, the Ukraine crisis is a part of it. The powerful, the world politicians and their studied advisers know that there is no more oil in the near future. For us it means, we have nothing more for heating in winter, nothing more cook on our stove, no matter whether gas stove or electric stove. The global infrastructure will collapse within less as one year. No kerosene for aircrafts, no diesel for ships.
    Moreover, there in the german news channels on TV (N-TV.de, N24.de, Tagesschau.de, Heute.de), they share the documentations even though they are competitors, but a wonderful documentation that shows what will soon happen here, now, and all over the earth.
    The second major point to concern is the overpopulation on earth, we have almost 7 billion people, all want to eat, drink, work, and also have all of the nice things.
    And God is my witness, I do not want to make the choice of who is allowed to have everything, and who is sentenced to die. This scenario we had in Germany in the worst excesses of the Third Reich. I will neverthink about people who decide who can survive and who not, and will also fight against it.
    Back to the core issue:
    In Ukraine, a passenger plane was shot down. I show this, it is my personal opinion, it's not about the power of demonstration of Russia or Putin, because when I see how many African people come in this overloaded and broken boats to Italy, if they are successful.
    We are already in the middle of a very last war, a war which only has to do with water, food, oil, natural gas.
    Religion is just an excuse for simple power interests, for those who really believe in God to do it together with all religions and does not need "My-religion-is-the-best-fanfare". This is all just the disguise of the truth by those in power, laughing. This is bad because it's like a game, the populations are dumbed down, fleeced, and may in the end only be cannon fodder.
    The truth is short and sweet:
    We are too many people around the world, the energy, the resources go from us, we do not have enough water, food, and also work. The world of 7 billion people is dominated by only 500 million people who wear all the money, knowledge, and power in it. I beg you, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Barack Obama, and all the rulers, to put from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and every country in the world at a table and find solutions. We have arrived at a turning point. There will never again be a country that can fix something on its own and decide for itself. For this, the world is interlinked and everyone is dependent on everyone.
    An example of this is our clothing is manufactured under the most miserable conditions in India etc, some of children working as slaves. There are at this turning point, either only a world war, as it has not yet seen the world, and thus the eventual destruction of the earth, at least of living things, or an unprecedented power and cooperation, transnational, continental, and worldwide.
    I like Russia and the United States, and all nations. As I was young I wanted to be fighter pilot, or perhaps a helicopter pilot, so I thought either to join the U.S. Army, or to be it in the USSR Army, and that was in the mid-1980s.
    I love people, but what's today brewing in the sky is endless death, destruction and perdition.
    Vladimir and Barack, please finish this. There are other challenges that let you be historically immortal, if you go the right way. And you must take all people in this boat, every nation, culture, religion.
    There is only this way. I think those in power know this, as well as my class, as we were told about future by our teacher, but in this time around 30 years ago people mostly said: "Oh the millennium is 15 years away", who knows what will happen in future...most people didn't cared about our planet, everybody thought only about the own future.
    Now, this way of thinking has become the most fatal error of all time, and everything will overshadow what was to malignancy. I have not given up my hope - Did you have it?
    Greetings and ending this...

    Explanation: So sorry for the bad translation..I normally put long postings like this first in in google translator and remove the errors of grammatic eg later...and I did it...but I klicked in the end a button which was defintely wrong and all of my translations were away...oh god i hate it...but I hope You can read and understand it a little...