Berlin - Prison of Rudolf Hess - Sunglasses Polarizing Filter

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    In this video, the area in Berlin Spandau will be presented where Rudolf Hess was imprisoned for decades and where today supermarkets and companies are located.
    Also, the operation of a sunglass polarization filter is impressively declared, or do we write it sunglassespolarizingfilter?
    In this process the sunglasses polarizing filter is used.

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    The video is more funny nature rather than tangible physical explanations and scientific expertise.
    Now you can enjoy the sunglasses polarization filter through the lens of an iPhone in a video.
    Gorgeous futuristic nostalgia amid the Spandau idyll of an ordinary day.
    Crazy and awesome.

  • Rudolf Heß hahaha and in the parking lot where you are standing is now a discounter lol

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    Youtube absurdity - Google's way with Youtube
    So crazy is Youtube. Any amateur of wannabe internet policeman or (in-) official employee Youtube has punished only the fact that in my Mini Fun documentation a Rewe discounter can be seen.
    How petty bourgeois and ridiculous is that?
    Just because the supermarket in Camera Gone pivot restricts this video will no longer be monetized.
    I really laughed when I read the information. yet Thought "Nee" that was a mistake, an error, which can not and must not be.
    Will not say anything against Youtube, which are so awesome fit in recent times and good at it to determine real and genuine copyright violations, like music recognition and much more.
    But in this case, is the fact strictly contradicted all logic. Product placement is also any because I do not have contracts with Rewe relating to advertising.
    It would have 50% of all Youtube videos from Youtube itself be deleted because in most videos somewhere a bottle of mineral water from any manufacturer, a pack of cigarettes is in the corner, or millions of transactions in the background of street shots are seen.
    These, however, are punished not by Youtube and Google.
    So I draw the conclusion from this that it was not a staff of Youtube, has at least none of the traded and "sober" with clear head, but more a competitor of Rewe, who or which has reported the video on Youtube.
    Someone has the problems with Rewe reported the video as a prohibited product placement and unfortunately it seems to Youtube did not verify deeper.
    Maybe the clerk or the robotic programs had a short Ausfalll, a bad day, that's why they ticked grade in Scheme X and dips.
    Yes, yes, all mistakes happen. This time, even at Dukemaster05's video about the sunglasses polarizing filter on the grounds of the former prison of Rudolf Hess ...

  • probably have been reported from the rewe, because that has in connection with the clink where rudolf heß perched a bad image on Rewe throws lol

    Youtube has become pretty shit in matters copyright, it used to be looser and now also the gema does continue there stress.