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    Alice Sommer Herz - 109 Year Old Holocaust Survivor - Interviewed by Bernard Hiller
    The secret of a happy and long life and the beauty of life and nature.
    I'm sorry, I still cry since I watched this amazing video, which deeply touched my heart and my soul. It's hard to find the right words. Not only for the reason that I have the same feelings and opinions like Alice Sommer Herz, but also for that what people have done to her and fellow sufferers by german crazy fanatics in the era of national socialism. However, many did not know what happened, were afraid, or did not want to admit, but I am ashamed to be german in these emotional moments, even though I know that many of my family members went to their deaths because they were deceived.
    Bernard Hiller interviews Alice Sommer Herz, grown up in Prague with friends like Franz Kafka and Sigmund Freud. She was an inmate of the The Terezin (Theresienstadt) concentration camp. She was a very accomplished pianist who played Chopin's 24 etudes from memory. She lost her parents and and her husband during the war. Her son who, because a successful musician (who died 2001), survived the camp with her as well.
    She believes that being "optimistic" is the most important quality to achieve a happy life. She currently lives in London and is the oldest Holocaust survivor.
    Filmed on location in London, UK, 4th December, 2011
    Happy to found this amazing part of humanity - Thanks to Alice Sommer Herz and Bernard Hiller and the film team.

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