God, Christmas and the Power of Love

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    Every year at Christmas and Eastern the atheists crawling out of their holes and try to convert us with their random principe, that the world in its diversity and uniquenessis can be only a "pure fancy or quirk of nature", which follows the natural law of self-selection with "The strongest individium wins and survives". Just as every individual is unique in itself and is guided only by the laws of nature, of his instincts, his trained behaviors, but also by its social environment. Sounds theoretically quite logical, true even to the word "only".
    People who view the content as their theory would have, but it even surprised that we of people in an infinite universe, on a "fart" of planet, surrounded by death, destruction, and cruel hazards in space not on the nature or were ourselves wegselektiert. We are precisely the weakest creatures in the line of all living creatures after all. A person needs at least 10 years in order to be viable, that is, to feed themselves, today revealed a lot more years, because far too relaxed parenting. Today is brought up to the motto: "The children already educate themselves, if not there are still kindergarten and school to take over this task." A few decades ago was it like this: "If you do nothing, you have nothing to eat and will die. Most animals need only a few hours to be able to survive independently, not more than 1 year.
    We live in a void of universe on a beautiful, colorful planet.
    I'm sure, just because I felt this divine power already by myself and I was certainly dead more than one time of my life, that there is this creative primal force that is deeply rooted in our soul, just like humans carry an image of the cosmos within us, because the electrons orbiting around an atom in our body, and the same happens in all of the excisting elements, almost like the planets orbiting around their stars. Life in itself is a miracle, and who with the divine power connects, through faith in God, or even in an esoteric way, though this indeed defines the rough, right direction, but the direct faith in the Creator, that is God, the strongest A compound.
    We humans tend to always choose the easy way out and we are thus to remove from our being and the common. It was and always is the easy way to choose the sword, than to engage with our counterparts. It is easier to believe in Darwin's theory is to deal with it, that there are things and forces that we can not yet explain, but they are inevitably there. As in the past, the electronics would have been declared sorcery or witchcraft, it is now explainable and usable. We split atoms today, releasing forces that can destroy more than our small, manageable world. And behind all this is not a plan put, everything is pure coincidence, or everything a freak of nature? Big Bang "bang", oops, man emerged by chance from monkey indeed splits few thousand atoms and later with spaceships flying through the universe.
    "Peng" and already isser again wech the good old man, he has grad 'wegselektiert himself and was replaced by an electronic monkeys.
    No! We humans, if we listen only deep within us, if we just look at how very suitable for life the world over our horizons is that we call the atmosphere, then should those who think and feel can be clear that we are not a product of chance that we ourselves are part of a miracle and have a provision each. with a God-given talent that we were made for love, by which I mean Urentstehung of man, not the begetting, and we always bring death to itself only Although I. Despite doubts that the people who wrote the Bible quite differently expressed, following her nature and understanding of the world as it might be, as the story of Adam and Eve, I still believe it Because I think they could put it at that time the only way and it is because most people were illiterate formulated in a violent imagery and parables so that people could understand it even then. I see behind the image, and see only the reality, which is to be said, not the image itself
    Even Einstein said that there needs to be a creative being.
    We can feel God by doing good, because we humans are connected to each other, sometimes I say jokingly, that again was something like telepathy. Unfortunately, the church has long been out of line with the true and living faith in God, his love, creative force for good, if they ever did. I am for the abolishment of Zöllibats, priests have allowed to love, for who lovemaking healthy lives, the divine love knows better. A perfect solution would be so simple that the Pope a tremor went through the Körpoer, priests can live the celibacy as before, but only at its sole discretion and in convents. Thus, the desire, love and passion is not as nearly two thousand years ago in the way and people are destroyed by abuse.
    A priest in a monastery his celibacy lives must be the priest of a woman has to be assimilated in its opportunities and all his deeds with a single drumbeat were church people and God reconciled, but the Pope is stuck in its conventions and ignored that people run away from him every day, because God's love is more than just a word that is forced through the lips. God's love is in the mind, body and soul, in every atom. In everything, in jdem animal, every plant, every planet and black hole, in the matter and antimatter His love lives. Music is love.
    A merry, merry Christmas

    Dedicated to Michael Thiel, psychologist

    Früher musste man den Drachen töten und die Jungfrau heiraten.
    Heutzutage gibt es keine Junfrauen mehr, man muss den Drachen heiraten.

    - Drachenweisheit -


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