Fighting for Yahoo

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    We are fighting for Yahoo!
    Hello friends of one of the worlds best communities. I started my computer life in the early eighties with Commodore64 which I shared with my brother. Then there followed a pause of nearly 20 years until I returned in the great multimedia world of the present in 2004 with my first computer and internetaccess. My brother helped to learn what's important and the first steps to watch through a window in a world full of magic and amazing things. One of the first programms he installed on my computer was the Yahoo messenger. And believe me, I was amazing at all. So, I was introduced in the amazing voice and cam chat of Yahoo, and discovered a new fantastic world. People from all over the world talking in chatrooms, making big events on the weekends, finding partners or loosing them, having fun and building up an amzing community. I will never, never forget this for the rest of my life. I even found four girlfriends there in the first 3 years.
    I couldn't believe that such a great company with searchmaschine, games, and so much features could fail and will be destroyed now. Mismanagement and having the hands in too much certain fields and services maybe cause this problem. This could be the problem of Facebook and Microssoft, too in the future. Dealing with too much services, wanting to be the greatest the one and only in the world. I as a german can sing a song about one person in the past who wanted to be the one and only in the world. Everybody who wants too much will loose everything in the end.
    A few years ago Yahoo made the big mistake to close the whole european chat service. Exactly in this time yahoo went down step by step.
    But we as followers of big communities like MSN, Google, Facebook, Twitter will fight for Yahoo. There must be not only one big community, it's better to have several communities to join and have fun.
    So, my friends, we will fight in the air, we will fight on the fields, we will fight on the sea, we will fight in space and we will fight in the worldwideweb for the survival of the great community Yahoo. Fighting for Yahoo. Like we will fight for all other amazing companies, too.
    Thanks for listening and Your interest.
    Greets to the whole world, my friends.