Windows 10 - Pin Internetexplorer 11 to the Taskbar

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    The new Windows browser Edge is a scaled-down security-based Internet browser with simple basic features.

    Nevertheless, the Internetexplorer 11 is still available in Windows 10.

    In the Edge click on "Settings", there is a tab or button with "Open Internet Explorer". As soon as you have opened it, click on the "Internetexplorer" icon in the quick start bar or button with the right mouse button and you get the usual option "tackle the program on the taskliste".

    If you have done this, the Internetexplorer 11 in Windows 10 is attached to the Taskleiste.

    Have fun

  • I've tried to download Windows 10 since yesterday. I am registered and will still be held. Even with the Media-Creation-Tool, which was issued by Microsoft in order to be able to pull a copy, I get only the message "A problem was ascertained".

    How did you get your copy?

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    Hi Mister Anonymos

    Windows is really good if you disable all the features that exchange data with Microsoft servers, except for update functions and "Windows Defender",
    which protects against viruses, intrusions (trojans), and malware.

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    Hi @Hured1979,

    The good old Internetexplorer, what I do with the make you ask. The Internetexplorer is not the fastest, that is true. He is also not the safest, which was a long time reality. But what he is, I would like to explain: The Internetexplorer is the most user-friendly and also the most variable browser in the world. In no browser, you can set as much as you like in Internetexplorer.

    Critics will say, these fine settings are anyway only for experienced Internet users, as normal consumers can be more than adjust. Might be. Still, the possibility to change something makes us free!

    Look at the new edge provided with Windows 10. It is so slippery that one gets bad. You can do nothing wrong there, but nothing right, you can do nothing with it. Personally, it is important to determine exactly what I want, I would like to keep nothing in front of my face, what I should or should use. Just the fantastic Google Toolbar works only in IE. Firefox allowed the Google Toolbar earlier, now it is no longer compatible, but it will probably change nothing, that is company policy of Mozilla, that is so wanted.

    But I also like the Firefox like, still (!) Does not seem to be commercially enslaved and spoiled by wealth and greed, as far as the Mozilla developer circle is concerned. Who knows how long.

    Google's Chrome is too much for me, I'm too much espionage in terms of personalized advertising. The money on the Internet and its possibilities and contents have become intolerable to me. The discoverer spirit of the early developers is now totally dominated by the locusts of the greedy entrepreneurs. There are good benches and bad ones. You will find the bad bankers today as finance in the internet sector. Today, instead of lifelong licenses, everyone wants monthly amounts from consumers in the Internet environment.

    You should pay for everything monthly: for security software, for e-mail software (Outlook), for musicflats (Apple), for Adobe programs (CC), for spam filters, for backups, EVERYTHING they want money today, and beautiful Regularly and beautifully.

    The Internet has become a money rip-off machinery. Unbearable and impossible. Only for millionaires.

    But all the world's development goes beyond this: all power is wealth-wealth controls politics and governments-wealth controls information and people-the end of freedom-the end of the world

    The secret is cloud sourcing (my own word creation).

    Cloud sourcing means money spoofing by means of monthly payments for any cloud. Clouds as memberships. Clouds of rebels for criminals.

    When there were still lifelong licenses for programs and applications, the world was still richer with much more freedom and developer spirit. Today it is only about getting rich by the Internet, no more about simple, modest money.

    I have lost my way... But, on the other hand, all roads lead to Rome; now all roads lead to war between rich and poor, enslavement and dulling
    of men and their rulers.

    In this sense