Windows 7 - Deleting file assignment from standard program

  • The file allocation is determined in Windows Explorer as follows:

    Right-click on a file, then in the contextual menu "Open with" with left mouse button select the respective program with which you want to open the
    file type. The default program, however, is set with the checkbox "Always open file type with this program".

    Thus, it may happen that an error has occurred in the file allocation with a standard program. This error can be corrected with this guide to delete a wrong file assignment.

    • Open execution-box by right-click on windows symbol or by "WINDOWS BUTTON + R".
    • Type "CMD" in the following execution window and click "ENTER" button.
    • DOS-input prompt opens.
    • In the window with black background type "assoc. file-type=" (without quotation marks, replace file-type with e.g. exe or jpg).
    • Finished :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    The author assumes no liability or responsibility for errors in the use of this help guide.

    Use at your own risk.

    Nevertheless much fun and success in the execution.

    It always works!

    Unless there is a variety of misconfigurations in the operating system...

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