Get this Woltlab Suite Style ❝Shadow-Gold-Master❞

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    ❝Shadow-Gold-Master❞ Design for WoltLab Suite™ 3 - 6,99 $
    Shadow-Gold-Master can be easily integrated into the Woltlab Suite 3 as a pure color style with various shadows everywhere. Therefore, this style of software updates remain unaffected. Color gold metallic was contrasted with two variants of the basic color blue. The emphasis was placed on the maintenance of the fundamental scheme of the two blue tones. All colors differ only in a facetious variation of their black and white proportion as well as their brightness. Gold-Metallic is used in two variants.
  • Attractive design and style for the new WBB 5.0 and the Woltlab Suite 3. Due to the shadow effects, the entire backend interface and community with a forum seems plastic, almost like in 3D.The theme of Woltlab Communities, which is held in sky blue, is a standard in the color selection on many websites, but also known, popular and, above all, well-visible.

    The touch of gold makes the forum look fresh and interesting.

    Like the structure very much, you can find your way around and can navigate clearly to all places.

    I'm glad to have the style in my design selection.

    All the best