Observe Copyrights! - Right of use for images, texts, files!

  • Dear members and friends!

    I have to remind you again no foreign texts and pictures in forum, blog, gallery, calendar, chat. You Tube Videos are of course allowed. There is a ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
    In the future it will probably be possible to link texts and images quite officially to other websites. The purpose of the case is to ensure that every person and organization benefits from the fact that its content is shared worldwide. More
    important, however, is the fact that there will never be effective protection, sharing, downloading, or extracting protected files from
    third-party software, e.g. Adobe Flashplayer.

    With pictures, of course, the wonderful possibility to burn watermarks
    into the picture, but this considerably limits the user experience.

    The lawyers are of the opinion that every human being has to be aware of
    the fact that at this moment he really gives up control over the further
    use of these files. As a result, any natural person is free to either publish or modify specially modified files.

    In my opinion absolutely correct, because it is the pure insanity the
    responsibility on website, community, and server operators, who can not
    control in reality, which is at all intellectual property, and certainly not as it is when and where shared . The current legal situation fueled only the juridical black market, the legal El Dorado, where criminals earn money with spurious, often illegal warnings and injunctions.With genuine protection of intellectual property, the current legal situation really has nothing to do with it.

    Until the implementation of the new case law, however, we must be careful not to post anything from others. If you link from other forums and websites, get the permission from the operator of the respective web presence, whether you can link and show this. Many don't want it at all, others exist at least to a nomination of the source. News portals and pages almost never allow any linking, whether with source or without. Unfortunately!

    It hurts me in the soul, but I have to delete all posts in which strange, intellectual property is linked.

    Please post your own pictures, photos, and texts. It also animates you to become creative and create content yourself, formulate texts in your own words, upload your own pictures. I haven't made these laws, but I must respect them.

    Kindest regards

  • That's really true. This is unfair to what the little people do. This
    means "warning wave" and thereby sued lawyers for greedy photographers,
    other operators of websites, or because they themselves are greedy
    small homepage owners simply because they quote something, or use a
    picture for their own page.

    This is only fair if they first give people the opportunity to remove their content. Faith have also changed the jurisprudence.

    The new law is great. So that the Internet does not become a huge platform for Abzocker. Around the turn of the millennium everything was still beautiful, the Internet was freer. Today we are only scared to the computer to be hacked, cheated, and ripped off, we must not let them please everyone, folks.

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    Mahatma Gandhi