Beautiful impressions from Bristol and Saunton Beach 🏄 Croyde 🌊 North Devon

  • Amazing impressions from Bristol and Saunton Beach - Croyde - North Devon - UK. I was there early October to watch my son surfing. Beautiful weather, it was very warm and windy. A nice surfing paradise.
    A beautiful beach and at low tide I could run for miles and gather mussel.
    The surfers would have to walk a good distance into the sea to get the perfect wave. Great to watch and surfing to photograph and film and also watch the dogs while they are beating. Even very small children with their neoprene suits and small surfboards had a lot of fun.
    The beach was super clean and "eventual" ambushes of their four-legged animals were disposed of immediately by the dog owner and of course. I have not seen any dog rides. There was no stress with it.
    The dogs are allowed to roam without leash. All, even the dogs were completely relaxed and relaxed.
    Clifton Bridge - it is the landmark of the city of Bristol and is a chain bridge over the ravine of the Avon River in the south-west of England. Times photographed at high tide.

  • In the north-west of the lower part of the Bristol Channel, vertically opposite Cardiff, between Woolacombe and Saunton - called North Devon - are the best surf spots of the UK.

    Here you will find the reefbreaks, which are the waves breaking over the rocks and mostly the beachbreaks, the waves breaking on the beach.

    However, the approach is sometimes a little cumbersome, you need a dirty road on unpaved slopes.

    In the rural idyll, there is a good infrastructure, but it is widely spread. Take drinks and food with you.

    In addition, you should only surf, if you are really able to surf. Not for nothing are here some waves of suicides and local surfers have scars that come from the reefs.

    Just go to one of the many surferbars in Woolacombe, Croyde Bay or Saunton, look for the local people and listen to the good advice. In the Croyde Surf Academy and the surfers The Red Barn in Woolacombe, the latest surf reports are also available every morning - information on the wind conditions and tips for the best surfing spot of the day.

    If you are a newcomer or you've been discovered the sport for yourself or want to discover surfing, a course in one of the countless surf schools is absolutly essential.

    With an experienced instructor on your side you'll learn much faster than alone - of course the professionals know the best surf spots and the dangers too.

    There are daily courses in surfing schools - perhaps to refresh - and also multi-day courses - called surfcamps. In these camps you get the necessary equipment - you're also able to borrow boards - board and logging is also provided.

    Requirements for surfing are always certain grade of fitness. Surfing means 70% paddling, which strains on the arms.

    And of course you should be able to swim excellently.

    Do not let it frighten you - it's certainly not as easy as by book, for sure you will be more in water than on the board, but it's worth doing.

    It's a unique feeling when you get it - fantastic!

    The island is a groyne or wave-breaker - on the western side the roaring waves of the Atlantic and on the other side, namely the north coast, the calm lake of the Bristol Channel.

    In Croyde are surf spots for everyone, for beginners to perfect professionals. The wind direction is very important.

    The wind is blowing in the west onshore to sideshore - on the beach or diagonally to the beach, on the north coast sideshore along the bay and in the southwest are offshore winds - from the land to the sea.

    On the south coast are gusts from different directions.

    Croyde Beach Surf Report - Surf Forecast

  • Your research is very well. In fact, getting around the small, narrow alley is a little cumbersome, but you get there. There is small cozy restaurant nearby, where you can eat nice, small snack, drinks, ice cream, also various souvenirs can buy. And most importantly, what I find good - clean toilets, without which one has to pay, as with us. You can also stay in the pensions and restaurants, which we did, including English breakfast with fried eggs, fried bacon, beans and sausage. For me, however, without beans.

    Just delicious. :mjam:

    The waves and the strong wind are not to be underestimated. It happens that the surfers fall and hurt themselves. I saw myself as a surfer bloodstained came from the sea water, he blew at the head and the arms. Everything you need is there, whether surfboard or neoprene suit, you can lend it. People even come from overseas to surf in Croyde. :super: