Malfunction - Doodles of Google no longer work in IE 11! Despite JavaScript enabled

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    Why can the beautiful Doodles in Internet Explorer 11 no longer be played? Recently, users of Internet Explorer 11 have found that the doodles from Google can't be played no longer. Doodles are the interactive video, flash films, or games that appear when you open the Google homepage, usually they appear for only 24 hours, instead of the usual colorful Google logo. Of course, knows the inclined netizens that you have to immediately check whether "Active Scripting" is enabled in the security settings of Internetexplorer that Javascripting is enabled, and of course if the Flash Player and Shockwave Player installed in their latest version and enabled in browser.
    All settings are set correctly so that browserabhänige software up to date, the Windows 10 updates as the latest standards.
    In short words, free ride for Doodles! Incidentally: In the latest Firefox, Google Chrome, and in Windows Edge can play the Doodles properly.

    Why the Doodles will no longer work in Internet Explorer 11?
    This question I hereby give to you dear Internet users, experts, amateurs and lay on. Maybe someone has a solution for the Doodle problem?
    Best wishes