Confidence, trust and Love

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    How can you trust about a great distant?
    How can you love about a great distant?
    May gain confidence you only the man himself is. Trust means to let you fall blindly in the hardest case, and being sure that your partner collects you before you reach the ground.
    Trusting means to say everything about yourself and open yourself, no fear to be vulnerable and open for any attacks.
    Trust means to grow beyond yourself, to stand always by your partner despite all risks and against every bad power by the human face of adversity.
    You can win love only by respect and humanity. Love means to be for each other, in good and bad times.
    To love means to grow beyond yourself, to do things that other people would have never thought to be possible.
    Love and trust is to prove yourself.
    Trust and love are one.
    Cam needs to be turned on.

    Fuck, what I write here. Consider even if I delete it again.
    Is probably because that I have today unscrewed the house air conditioner to clean the inner elements.
    In addition, window cleaning second day, brushing up into a coma, repeatedly cleaning bucket with black broth. That helps me a lot to be fit and to distract me mentally a little from taking care of grandma day and night.