Yahoo looses millions of users worldwide - Here are the reasons

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    Here are the most important reasons why Yahoo is falling and loosing everything

    I am just one of billions of users around the world, well, once there were billions.
    The reasons why Yahoo will achieve its leading market position never again..

    • The American paranoia after the attacks of 11th September 2001 led state security organizations get access in corporate governance and in major decisions and strategies of Yahoo. Only for the reason that a small number of terrorists have made their conversations on the Yahoo E-mail system and the Yahoo Chat.
    • Closing Yahoo! Chat was the biggest mistake in the Yahoo history and in the business world, too. This mistake by the Yahoo management has lost up to 70% of its users.
    • The purchase of too many unnecessary businesses and service providers, example by "Yahoo as an Internet provider," unimportant corporate branches with too high risk. Uncompromising, excessive enlargement of the offer at any price. Expansion without rhyme or reason, probably through self-enrichment in the company's management.
    • The termination of the core businesses and services. All main sources of income and core services for the generation of users have been neglected. It's all about the end of Yahoo chats, which meant millions of daily active user actions for Yahoo. Daily millions of users online in Messenger, Chat and Mail.The core business was never the Yahoo Messenger, but much more the voice and cam chat. This fact the responsibles either did not understand or neglected.
    • Too many restrictions and obstacles during the registration, account edit and restore. At times, the phone number given was compulsory, how stupid I must be to have to force me. My birthday, my real name, my address, I give more than my ISP, but not any e-mail provider, or Messenger providers.
    • The big mistake of Yahoo's management in terms of user acquisition and guidance was presuppose that a normal user of chat or messenger inevitably uses paid services of Yahoo sometimes in future. It's a wrong presuppose. After all, the billions Yahoo members used only Chat and Messenger, and could thus generate revenue only through Internet advertising (online marketing) for Yahoo. Google users, Facebook users generate every day hundreds of millions of advertising revenue through ads, which is the core business, then also from Yahoo. But Yahoo wanted more, wanted everything, wanted the whole hand, users as active customers of services such as Internet access, and more. That was the big mistake of Yahoo ! ! !
    • Senseless profile and account restrictions. Personal example: I have access to my Yahoo account, but I can not change my birth date, because when I registered 2005 Yahoo I wanted to use only the Messenger program and the chat, and to no one my personal information. Background: Many examples in the history of the Internet show that we can never have the absolute security and certainty that our personal information is secure. Example: An ordinary working in sensitive areas of the company such as server maintenance may get money from an organization that deals with personal data and resold to service providers and customers of online marketing (internet advertising or spam).

    My little problem of Yahoo today is also the problem of thousands of Yahoo users worldwide

    E.G.: Today I wanted to restore my e-mail account at Yahoo, or reactivate, but that was impossible, because Yahoo wanted my birthday date, what I had but then deliberately misrepresented in 2005, for reasons of protection of my privacy. Today I do not remember what I had given birth date in the year of 2005. But unfortunately it is not even possible to Yahoo support without giving my birthday to contact.
    Basically, I have nothing against the specification of a date of birth, but if at the same time at least still a secret question and answer, as well as provide an alternate e-mail address is ready to a verifying user account, then the mandatory date of birth to settle Contacting Yahoo support pure idiocy.
    These are just a few impressions, why Yahoo is losing everything and disappearing into insignificance of the Internet. As formerly the largest supplier to the first billion users worldwide.

    Impression of privacy

    With money you can buy everything and just about everyone. They give an employee in a hospital or doctor's office a little money and you can get all information about the disease of each person in a country. This is the reason why newspapers and TV reporters know so much about other people. Just an ordinary employees or workers with access to private data give more money something or something, and you will get complete information about a person.
    However, privacy is a global problem, in my opinion there is no security, no protection, no guarantee to be safe and free, in the current time of the Internet and computer. This is a problem of society.

    By closing Yahoo Chat, Yahoo the never ending story is coming to its end...

    Millions of Yahoo users left Yahoo because Yahoo Chat was over and lost!

    Lots of greets and retain pleasant memories of Yahoo which will never come again

    Millions and I loved Yahoo Chat and Messenger, spent great times in Yahoo.

    There was the time Yahoo wanted to buy Facebook for one million dollars, today Mark Zuckerberg ist able to buy Yahoo for nothing.