Smileys in 3 smiley categories

  • Dear friends of Cosirex Community, Forum, Blog, Gallery, Calendar and Chat

    Since the Smileys all were previously visible in a category that had accordingly confusing and cluttered.
    I put them in three smiley categories by their origin and origin time.

    The smiley categories now are:

    Standard - Cosirex - Xeno3

    For us nothing changed. You have only to select a different category when choosinging a non-standard smiley which is not in the standard smiley box.

    Have a lot of fun with smileys in Cosirex Network


  • Sorting into three groups is clearly better. By dividing the editor page with the Smileys is loading faster.
    In addition, the large number of smileys now is much clearer and the different varieties come to better advantage.

    :D:crazy: :gamer: