WordPress and Akismet is a bad experience

  • Fear as a successful business concept
    A well-known behavior is to protect internet users from danger after having performed them the danger of deliberate attacks vividly. These fraudulent business idea is to be used by people around the world very often. By the way this is also a behavior that has been known for centuries, especially in the Middle Ages were small states like protected after they attack first anonymously or openly to incite fear.
    Fear as a business concept. Even Microsoft is under suspicion to have created deliberately vulnerabilities in order to effectively exploit the business model "protection programs" for years. But this case is different, I'm sure they stopped this nonsense, or they earned enough to stop it.
    Today capital is often generated out of "Nothing". if we by the global economic meltdown lose our progress and perhaps even civilization. From nothing can not and must not create long-term capital.. This is my personal view ans also opinion.

    Akismet is a Bummer! Lost souls with big money!
    "Convicted" and "recognized" is the only proper name for my trip to WordPress and Akismet accurate. Both companies are working hand in hand, according to Wikipedia, a part of the leading employees of WordPress Akismet have established or are working for this anti-spam service.
    For many years, I have a top-level domain as a web page, where I had never trouble with spammers, although I have a legal notice as required by law with a registered e-mail address set up there.
    As far as the scope of my observations. 8 weeks before I made the decision my website with the CMS (Content Management System) Wordpress want to operate. Finally, you can hear a lot of good everywhere by WordPress, the software is modern, up to date, web standards, versatile realized and is used by millions of website owners worldwide.
    Said and done. The installation was completed in less than 5 minutes, as promoted by the manufacturers. Everything good, everything was wonderful.
    After installation, I still wondered, that is equal to an anti-spam vendors with on-board, but the talks apparently only once for the quality of the product WordPress. Of course I looked at once the documentation of Akismet to millions spammers mischief and here you have the perfect protector supplied equal. The cost plan can be selected individually even from 0 to over $ 100. I asked as private users a 0 and was asked tologin. Since I am not registered, I had to make a choice between the login on Wordpress.com or account me a Akismet.com on. I thought it will not be a mistake, I may need help anyway, I'm equal to an account with WordPress, with the I can then log in Akismet.
    Thanks to a premonition, or a feeling, I know the processes on the Internet from scratch, perhaps including a touch experience, I do not activated the Akismet plugin first. Long five weeks I use neither the account of WordPress, nor the associated service Akismet. It was indeed therefore bundled, to German as a software package. The most important foreign exchange and precaution on the Internet: First look, never make or use the same something, already pay nothing. Besides it comes to the benefits as well ausdokumentiert and trustworthy that they can pay and get safely away.
    To wait was exactly the right decision, the gold of my argument is also used here.
    Short brought to an end! In the 5 weeks that followed I had no einzigste Registration on my website, and therefore no one and only spam post or spam comment! No spam in the 5 weeks before the activation of Akismet!
    After 5 weeks I activated the software plug-in Akismet, but to request and without entering the code. This is important to express, as it were of fundamental importance. I activate the software, from this moment experienced by the providers Akismet, I use my WordPress website with its plugin, but I have not released (yet). Because it takes place a data exchange between the plugin on my WordPress website and the Akismet servers, which can be clearly seen by a tracing programs.
    Akismet knows now "Attention!". There is a user, another web page with plugin enabled, but without protection, since the plugin protects only after the code verification against spam.
    The sky was falling on me... From this moment of activation it was already going on. An attack like in war. From the anonymous ambush of the WWW, the shells fell one every 5 minutes. Without an ending. A storm in my database. Every 5 minutes registered a fake Yahoo bot mail address, coincidentally exactly the first sat a spam comment in my website from, the others do not mysteriously.
    Briefly: Akismet spamming itself Through this live experiment can be no doubt and easily retrace how the system works.. After Locust Principle. "If you won't to be my brother, so I'll smash your head". The word "brother" may be replaced by "Customer" here. I think the principle works like Akismet, usually make new WordPress users as they enable for fear of spam their product immediately. Had I not been waiting for 5 weeks it equal activated, the spam would immediately befallen me. But it comes to users through spamming clearly suggesting how mean the evil, nasty spammers are still equal after setting up the WordPress page is fully geballert with registrations. Big mistake by Akismet: take your fear mongers strategy always the same email provider, namely Yahoo. On dark websites can Yahoo email addresses in 1000 package buy at low prices, which are still the remains of the even then used Yahoo boom 10 years ago, these fake emails were to spam, or in Yahoo chat with "Kick programs" "floodlights", and "password crackers" to wreak havoc. How do I know that? I know those bad guys from all continents, because I was the world in Yahoo chat rooms go. A global problem, strangely enough even with the evil, evil WordPress spammers. Could be here an interesting track to the amalgamation, or consequential. Previously they did it in Yahoo, now in Wordpress. For there was in yahoo paid software before the Booter where often the alleged protectors were the secret Booter itself. Yes this is a market economy. Such scammers are kept in business in some cases even for super clever. They protect indirectly the people from themselves.

    A global problem, strangely enough even with the evil, evil WordPress spammers. Could be here an interesting track to a strange connection. At that time, Yahoo today a new business ?. Even earlier precisely those spam e-mail addresses have been used in Yahoo, strangely today in Akismet.

    At that time there were in Yahoo paid protection programs of individuals against these evil, evil booter programs where often the supposed protectors were the secret attackers themselves simultaneously. Fear as a business model. In politics, diplomacy, military, intelligence one knows the eternal fear artificially create "The evil, evil Russians. The evil, evil Putin. The wicked, wicked Fidel Castro." My God, I'm not even a Communist, but all my life I propagating the free capitalism. But which is the El Dorado for become cheaters and swindlers.
    Yes, this is a free market economy.
    Such scammers are kept in business in some cases even for super clever. To protect people from themselves as an attacker.

    Back to Akismet.
    Definitely after 5 weeks of peace and silence in the very moment of the activation of the Akismet protection plugin started the spam attack on my site. A clear and merciless language. When I tried to delete me from WordPress and Akismet same time the customer is offended first in the documentation as "Bummer". On the help page really is written "Bummer!" as the first word, everyone knows what it means. That's the philosophy behind Akismet, and thus probably of WordPress. We shoot you first with spam, then know all the users that they urgently need protection against the spam. A clear unambiguous language.
    My trip to the well-respected, highly rated, high-use WordPress had thus found its rapid end.
    Personally, I am no evil, I also think WordPress above all was in the beginning, and now for the most part still something good. But as in many large companies nest quickly criminal elements a, or the leaders do not want the neck get enough. More sales, more profit, the desire for millions, especially ind he own pocket completely blurred the boundaries between good philosophy and boundless cheaters milieu.
    By the way, eh ego forget: You can not delete his account, his or her personal information, such as email. Again, can the initial word in the documentation to WordPress close psychologically deep and reveals a lot about the company's strategy and how to deal with customers, namely arrogant and condescending "However..., mutatis mutandis following: ...You can not delete your account."
    For WordPress I would hope they chase this money horny spammers from the house or farm and return to the beginning, to offer people a great, glamorous product, and in a respectful way and without ulterior motives.
    A sign and how good companies are changing for the worse bad example.
    I would also again use WordPress and make it even free advertising.
    I will not be kidding. ;)

    "Shaken, not stirred"

    • Official Post

    It's hard to realize what you wrote here, man. But especially here in this community we life democracy, the free speaking words of freedom and individuality of thoughts and meaning.
    Personally I also use WordPress for more as one project in web, I never had the extreme trouble you had, but it's interesting at all what happened with your installation. Pretty extreme, hooaar...
    As far as I'm concerned there are uncountable companys and people who make money like you explained. That ist the bad side of internet at all. I believe in god, and I hate this philosophy so much. Earning money by fraud and manipulated services is rising and we have to stop this nonsense. The world gets more and more crazy and nobody cares about the good human values and virtues.
    Last week I read on a website that Incredimail does it like the same, sending spam to sell thr spam protection.
    This greed for money destroys everything, it's better to breathe slowly, think clearly, and behave in a good way.

  • I feel only the futility and hopelessness of this behavior and am disappointed. Although everything could be so beautiful and simple. Greed is omnipresent and triebt us into the abyss. I have already said everything.
    Have a nice day..

    "Shaken, not stirred"